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  • Absolutely perfect fit, good quality stitching, and the fabric is great too. I have decided to buy shirts only from Vitruvien from no on.

    Jijo, Kochi (22 Sept, 2014)

  • As far as my shirt is concerned i found it is as per my expectation. Very good.

    Ullas, Navi Mumbai (10 Sept, 2014)

  • I am happy with the fit and fabric quality.

    Narasimha, New Delhi (24 Aug, 2014)

  • Excellent quality of material, finish and workmanship. Hope that this high standard is mentioned by you in subsequent orders.

    Suraj, Punjab (23 Aug, 2014)

  • Got goosebumps ordering thru online for stitching!! Great experience!! Have told friends. Very impressed with the product.

    Nataraj, Bangalore (9 Aug, 2014)

  • A job well done. Perfect fit. Perfect fabric Perfect packaging.

    Vikram, New Delhi (28 July, 2014)

  • Brilliant. The person I got it made for loved it. Thank you.

    Noor, New Delhi (18 July, 2014)

  • Fantastic. Will buy only from you. Continue the good work and I hope the fabric quality will remain same for all orders.

    Kishore, Mumbai (13 July, 2014)

  • Received my 2nd shirt today. I can only say it was an excellent experience for me getting my shirt made online.

    Ashutosh, Mumbai (12 July, 2014)

  • Great! Please keep it up!

    Amitava, Ahmedabad (17 June, 2014)

  • Fabulous experience. For Men it is feel good factor to wear a custom fit shirt. Kudos to Vitruvien team.

    Arikrishnan, Thane (14 June, 2014)

  • The shirt made by Vitruvien is right up there. The fabric is beyond expectation. Fit is excellent. Delivery took lesser time.

    Divyesh, Noida (30 May, 2014)

  • Received Shirt Yesterday with Wonderful Fabric, Perfect fitting & Splendid Service: a WOW Factor

    Udit, Noida (25 May, 2014)

  • Great service.
    Thoroughly pleased to use it
    and will continue to do so.

    Deepak, Bangalore (2 May, 2014)

  • I received my shirt yesterday - worth to mention the fitting and fabric - both are excellent.

    Saurabh, Bangalore (9 Apr, 2014)

  • I just loved it, to say the least.
    The fabric is even better.
    Brilliant job. Keep up this quality.

    Rajat, Kolkata (7 Mar, 2014)

  • Great Personalized Service. Thank you for the great fit.

    Varoon, Mumbai (24 Feb, 2014)

  • Impressed with the quick delivery, affordable, good fit and nice cloth material.

    Sandeep, Chennai (5 Jan, 2014)

  • Happy to use this site and buy a perfect fit shirt. Have recommended this site to a lot of my friends. Thanks.

    Ganesh, Mumbai (20 Dec, 2013)