The Right Way to Tuck In Your Shirt

Ever bought a shirt you fell in love with and then fell out of love with the very next day? when it left you embarrassed at an important board meeting, where you stretched to make a point only to have your shirt tail slide out of your trousers to make its own point?

Frayed tails, muffin tops are a common by-product of untucked shirts, plaguing every man at work today. So how does one avoid such a fashion faux pas? offers you three solutions to get out of this ‘untucked’ pickle.


Solution 1: Go custom: Tailored shirts for men, allows you the freedom to not just customize to suit your body type but also play with lengths. The easiest and simplest solution to putting an end to untucked shirts is to add an extra inch to your custom shirt length, which otherwise is not a possibility with ready-made store shirts.


Solution 2: Rubber Grips: This is an interesting way to ensure you shirt stays tucked. A lot of trousers today sport rubber strips sewn/pasted in the inside of the waistband which acts as a grip when shirts are tucked in. In case your store-bought pants do not have this, you can easily take the help of your tailor to sew in a rubber grip tape along the inside of the waistband.

Solution 3: The Undertuck: Not all theory make sense, but yet they work wonders when in practice. Here is one solution that doesn’t make sense but does the job. But in order for this to work two essentials are a must: Undershirt and Under wear!!! Once the ensemble of undershirt, shirt, underwear and trouser is complete, all we need to do it follow the simple steps.

Tuck the undershirt into the underwear -> Tuck the shirt into the trousers And Voila! Your shirt is sure to remain tucked in no matter what the stretch is.


Solution 4: Garters for the Shirt Tails: And then there were garters…..If all else fails (which we doubt it would) opt for the fancy shirt stays aka garters. All you need is to attach one end of the garter to the shirttail and the other to the top of your socks. They are comfortable and usually one size fits all …. But we dare say, it looks sexy when you’re undressing…. It’s subjective!!!


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