The 5 Must have Checks for Every Man!

Gingham, Plaids, houndstooth, tattersall, tartans, graph ….Checks come in all types… From the lumberjack to a corporate jet setter checks takes the fancy of one and all alike. And believe it or not it actually comes with a lineage…dating far back to the 1500s to the Scottish Tartans!


But what’s important to know, is not just how you wear them or where you wear them, but also what you must have to begin with, in your wardrobe! So let’s get straight to the point with a list of top 5 must have checked shirts!

  1. Gingham: Everyone’s favourite. Even sized, same coloured checks usually on a white background. It’s a perfect shirt for a day at work with a pair of slim-fitted pants or drinks out with the boys, paired with dark denims and rolled up sleeves. Dark colours go well with gingham check shirts: Maroon, burgundy, deep blue etc.
  2. Madras Checks: Originating in the eastern part of India, its bold, colourful checks and stripes has gained quite in popularity as a perfect summer shirt. Its infact the perfect shirt for day out to the beach or a hot summer’s day.
  3. Tartan/Plaid: With Autumn round the corner, plaid flannels are an amazing go-to for more casual settings. A lot like madras checks, although less flashy with colours, tartans and plaids are a perfect choice every man that’s looking for a day off!
  4. Shepherd’s Check: Originating from the plaids worn by the Scottish shepherds, these are a twill weave of small, checks of even size usually coloured and white , with a twill-weave pattern. The famous Hounds tooth checks are nothing but a variation of the shepherd’s check checks.
  5. Windowpane Check: Very official & businesslike, these are a favourite for any corporate man. These checks literally look like the panes of the window, just as the name suggests. The checks are thicker and spread apart.

And like always, remember a few things when building your wardrobe with check shirts

  • Fabric – from cotton to flannel – there is a check for every season, so choose wisely.
  • Colour – Always remember the colour wheel, match it to your skin tones, to what you’re teaming it with and also keeping in mind the occasion as well as season!
  • Patterns – Choose the pattern as per the style you want to portray. A lumberjack calls for busier pattern, while a strictly business calls for cleaner cuts like the gingham.

We can safely say, you can now check that list of must have checks in your wardrobe!


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