A Placket for your Shirt

The word “Placket” has its origins in the French word ‘Plaquer’ which means to lay on.

It is an opening or slit in a garment, covering fastenings or for access to a pocket, or the flap of fabric under such an opening. Simply put, when buttoning your shirt, the strip that runs down from the collar end to the shirt end that you button through… is a placket.

An integral part of almost every garment (man, woman and child), a placket is usually introduced to a man’s shirt at the time of sewing, and placed in the centre of the shirt front. It is also made of more than one layer of fabric solving the dual purpose of not just holding the shirt together, but also to hide the undergarments.

Every shirt has a placket, but what you must know are the three placket types you can choose from when designing your very own custom shirt online.

French Placket:  A very popular style, this actually is a very clean, classic look. The fabric is folded inside and no stitches can be seen on the front.

American Placket: This is the conventional placket, most commonly used in dress shirts. The shirt material is either folded outside or attached as a piece separately with a fused interlining, making it a perfect choice for a crisp, business appeal. In fact, you can often find James Bond sporting this conventional placket. Appealing to both English & American audiences, add a pocket and a button-down collar, and you’re ready to tone it down a notch from strictly business to smart casual.

Hidden Placket: Also known as the Fly Front Placket, it is the only placket that’s covered, which also makes it the most casual placket of all plackets. It can also be used interchangeably for a tuxedo shirt. It’s called ‘Hidden’ because the fabric has a flap concealing the front buttons completely, such that all you can see is a strip running down your shirt. The buttons lie between the two layers of the fabric. It’s not your everyday causal shirt but a shirt that is not worn everyday…you definitely stand out with this placket and therefore a perfect choice for a Trendy look.

With these in mind, you’re now the placket expert raring to go!


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