Fashionable Ways to Wear A Blue Shirt

Ever crave for that sense of calm you feel while lying down on your back watching the limitless sky? From the unfathomable sky to the deepest mysteries of the ocean, the color blue signifies calm – a serene demeanour, that it lends to all entranced by its hue. The colour is idealistic; it enhances self-expression and our ability to communicate our needs and wants. It inspires higher ideals.

Switch to the term “Blue Collar” and you think sturdy, dependable, reliable, secure, confident and responsible. Well, back in the days, the blue-collared man laboured with his hands, while his white collar counterparts belonged to the rich elite. It is the blue collar man that soon became the beacon of the working class.

Over the years, blue has transitioned in its status, from the hard working guy next door to the gentle lover to the business tycoon. No longer the hard working labourer who toils away, instead it personifies the smart, chic corporate jet setter closing many a business deal. So is it a mystery anymore why most boardrooms see too much blue?

True, when you think boardrooms, you automatically think boring, but does it have to be really boring? We think not!

Mens Blue Custom Shirts

Here’s Vitruvien’s makeover to the fuddy-duddy blues….

Beating the Boardroom Blues: While you run the risk of getting lost in the sea of blue in the boardroom; it does serve a purpose there. Stand out by ditching the dull, serious arctic colours for nice and bright ocean, teal or even azure shades that still mean business. French cuff your custom fit blue bankers shirt with a short-spread collar, your best cufflinks and pair it with a slim striped tie inside a metallic/steely grey suit.

Casual lunch: For a casual yet seductive lunch date, throw on a sapphire shade, mandarin collared tailor-made shirt tucked into a pair of denims and moccasins. For that extra touch of panache, indulge a little by getting yourself a personalied monogram on the shirt.

Carry it forward to dinner: And you can team up a navy blue pin-striped button down collar shirt inside a beige corduroy blazer and slim fit beige trousers or smart dark denims.

A walk on the beach/ barefoot in the park: A turquoise linen shirt with a white vest paired with white lowers. Team them up with flip flops or just go barefoot!


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