10 Must Have Wardrobe Essentials for Men

Granted a man’s wardrobe is a less complicated than a woman’s but, it’s really no less intimidating.

We have often heard of the adage, “Clothes maketh a man.” What we don’t hear but it is silent gospel of truth is that, “how you accessorize makes world of a difference.”

And while chains, funky gadgets would make the cut in your adolescent /teen years, things change as you transition from the gawky teenager to a fine young gentleman. And therefore it becomes essential that you have your very own black book of must have accessories.

  1. Watch: Most men have it, some flaunt it. And while many can’t invest in a classic time piece… it is essential to bear in mind, the watch you wear does say a lot about you. So, when investing in a watch, keep style, quality and price in mind. For a suave yet classic look, we recommend sticking to metal (stainless steel casing) or leather straps, quality glass panel and a movement over automatic watch. Nothing looks more elegant on a man than his watch… so even if it’s just the one piece, you can invest in it… an exceptional time piece is any day better than an array, which may not be the best portrayal of you.


  1. Tie: Just like every wardrobe must have a suit in black or grey, it must also be home to a delightful collection of ties. Ranging from sombre, classic chic, to a pop of colour & fun. One to suit every occasion. But remember quality always trumps quantity. Selecting a tie with your outfit is an art, one that should match the occasion, outfit and your personality. Here are some must-haves for your wardrobe

Fabric: A navy silk tie, for more formal occasions including interviews. Navy or grey grenadine are also excellent choices for formal and more muted yet suave look. Avoid satin for anything formal… stick to matte weaves.

Prints: Your collection must be a mix of solids & prints (pencil & thick stripes, polka dots). A maroon silk small dotted tie looks great at a business meeting as well as formal evening do.

Cuts: Also do invest in regular and slim ties both, depending on the occasion.

Colours: Navy, Grey, Burgundy, Maroon, Brown, Black, Silver, Rust and Bottle Green.


  1. Tie-Clips: This brings us to the Tie’s suave better half the Tie –Clip. The noble tie-clip that started out as a mere tie tack in the 187os rose to prominence with elaborate bejewelled designs worn only by the wealthy to one that soon became an affordable item worn by everyone. However, irrespective of its transition, it has always been seen as an item of novelty. When investing in a tie-clip the same thumb rule applies as it does for a tie, wear as the occasion demands it. For a business setting and to play it safe, stick to silver and gold tones that are plain, or with minimalistic engraving. Always remember: A tie clip must keep together the tie and the shirt, and it should not be wider than the tie itself.

  1. Pocket Squares: Now these are not commonly worn items, but definitely a must have for when attending a fancy gala, or dinner do with strictly formal settings. Silk is a definite yes-yes and always keep ready some basic squares in colours: navy, deep red or burgundy, white. Keep one bold print for the days you want to get more experimental.


  1. Scarf: Mostly an autumn/ winter feature, scarves tend to bring out the more chic and classy side of a man. Often associated as a woman’s accessory, finding the right one to accessorize with your winter jacket puts all those notions to rest. We recommend experimenting with fabrics, colours and pattern to suit the occasion, and your personality. While autumn calls for rust and bolder patterns, winter tends to be more sombre with darker knits.


  1. Cufflinks: A very suave look for any man provided the cufflinks are just right. Only piece of jewellery that’s both ornamental and functional and a man can get away with it without being called out for it. However, the prerequisite being you choose right. Used mostly for formal wear, we recommend sticking to some commonly accepted cufflinks-stainless steel & carbon fibre, fashionable and can be used for all occasions. Sterling silver, durable, elegant and can be worn to more casual settings. Gold & Platinum for formal events. Avoid glass and bejewelled cufflinks. Self engraved cufflinks look nice, but stick to minimal designs that are subtle to see.


  1. Belts: An integral accessory to any outfit. It’s a perfect finishing touch to your outfit. Therefore being essential that it’s not only functional but also of superior quality, to avoid a faded, tattered look. Also when wearing belts ensure they match the colour of your shoes. E don’t want a fashion faux pas. Keep handy shades of brown and black as they match all colours. The styles can vary depending on whether you’re going casual or extra formal.


  1. Socks: Every man, woman and child owns a pair and it’s as essential as one’s inner wear. But despite it being such a common item, it does sometimes have the ability to make or break you, if you’re socks don’t match the outfit or the occasion or are just not the right length. Therefore it helps, to keep ready a selection: Solid cotton essentials in black, browns/beige, white, grey and navy blue. Remember to always wear a shade darker or lighter than the trousers you’re wearing. For the summers, opt for neutral, light colored socks for the summers such as blue, mint green, lavender, beige, white, off-white, for autumn & winter move to a slightly thicker fabric and richer colors, like rust, bottle green, burgundy .


  1. Wallets: Yes, just like the watch, the wallet is a timeless investment, that can last you for many years and even though mostly kept hidden away, it does leave one with a lasting impression when it finally makes its foray into the open. A lot of men let their wallet continue for years before getting themselves a new one. So invest wisely and opt for tan, black or shades of brown.

  1. Sunglasses: The final piece of accessory in every man’s wardrobe… is the timeless classic. Other than its most functional attribute of protecting your eyes from the sun it does lend character & style to your persona. Which is why it’s essential you choose the right pair that suits your face and lends an air of panache… you can always invest in two pairs – formal and casual… or just stick to one that suits all occasions. If you have a square face opt for styles like aviators that are more curved or rounded frames softening the features. While an oval or round face look good with wayfarers and clubmasters. Just remember to try and not get funky with the tints.


With these must haves in your wardrobe…you’re all set to take on the world!


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