Style Tips to Look Fashionable in Black Shirts

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the contrasting Ying and Yang, the everlasting fight between Good and Evil!

Yes, quite the paradox, the colour ‘Black’ presents itself with. Demure yet Sensual. Ominous yet Sad. An attire for mourning, yet a symbol of power & seduction not to mention quite flattering to the physique giving broader men a leaner look!

It is Black that comes to the rescue when you have nothing to wear last minute, or when you want your extra kilos to be camouflaged. Black indeed ‘Saves the Day!’

Drawing inspiration from its trendy harbinger here are some very chic good-to-have black ensembles in your wardrobe.

Custom Cotton Black Shirt

Power Black: If, you’re the man who needs to sweep in and close that business deal, then we say go right ahead! Intimidate them with your slim-fitted and customized, black pinstriped shirt, classic collared with double cuffs and cufflinks, a slim reddish-maroon tie accompanied by a tie pin, and worn inside a metallic grey suit.

Red Carpet Black: If you’re headed for a gala affair, we recommend a button down or mandarin collared shirt with sheen paired with a black suit. For that extra edge of classy, add a slim tie in metallic grey and a dazzling red pocket square. And should you decide to get daring, then get yourself a customized shirt with a monogram.

Romancing it: A hands down winner to weave your way into the heart of that someone special. Black & White Gingham shirt or plaids, button down collar, tucked into a pair of black jeans, accompanied by a sporty blazer or even a tweed jacket.

A great combination: Black and white Bengal stripes accompanied by a tartan tweed jacket in grey and red or a houndstooth jacket.

Just remember, while Black is your saviour, don’t overdo it. Stick to the basics to maintain the classy appeal. Faded black isn’t smart and neither is going for an all rock or grunge look.


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