Common Linen Myths Debunked

Originating from the stalks of the flax plant, linen is indisputably one of the favourite fabrics worldwide. From being used for the mummification of pharoahs 8000 years ago, to becoming the favourite lounge suit for men that took 20th century by storm, Linen has been the personification of style, luxury and elegance.

Despite its infamously- notorious reputation of being wrinkle prone, fashion aficionados through time have vouched for its suave, chic & cooling properties.


So decided to take this linen debate heads on by busting some very popular myths once and for all.


Myth 1: Too Casual for Work – Gone are the days, when one could be seen striding in lazily to a beach party with summery linen shirts over khakis or shorts… Impeccably stylish linen shirts have now made their way to corporate boardrooms in the garb of Business Casuals.

Our Lookbook says…. Slim fit, button down, Pink/Blue/Khaki custom shirts preferably made from the finest Belgian Linen teamed with a pair of black chinos or slim fit pants. A Navy blue linen blazer over solid beige linen shirt teamed with a pair of dark brown or slim fit navy trousers bring out a chic yet serious look for work. Make it a little striking and opt for a navy blue slim fit hounds tooth linen blazer.


Myth 2: Linen over Linen a no-no- Not true if you have the right combination. Same colour or weave should be avoided. Solid colours /patterned linen shirts are always a great choice as they do away with the problem of transparency. There is also a basic linen colour rule one should follow. Solid coloured linens go well with gray or beige linen pants, while white linen custom shirts go well with coloured gray or beige linen pants.

Our Lookbook says… Charcoal grey Linen pants teamed with a fine-striped, full-sleeved, slim fit blue linen shirt teamed with black brogues and belt.


Myth 3: Linen is an uncomfortable Fabric- Every fabric offers quality options that swing from cheap to expensive… Linen being no exception to the rule. It is a well –known fact that Linen woven in Italian mills promise quality like no other. Linen is known for its breathable, cooling & absorbency properties making it a perfect choice in summers, especially for the long, dry, arduous days at work. Its resilience and longevity gives it an edge over other fabrics, making it a great investment that lasts for years.

Our Lookbook says… A white cotton Linen blend, tailored shirt, teamed with a pure linen greyish-black 2 button striped jacket over slim fit dark grey/black trousers.


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