Does your store-bought shirt fit you right?

There’s a reason why popular celebrities, large industrialists, trending fashionistas and powerful politician’s patronize bespoke over ready to wear garments.

Nothing looks more elegant than perfect fit shirts. From the style icons of 007 Bonds to our very own Prime Minister Modi, they have all been found sporting tailored shirts and suits that only befits a man with class.

Sadly, this is a fact that seems to elude many men as they continue to scrounge through racks off Prêt-à-Porter aka Ready-to-wear-ill-fitted garments at department stores. With ready-to-wear shirts come a plethora of fashion faux pas. Why? Because no two men are alike. And while most manufacturers understand this, economies of scale takes precedence which is why most men go home with an ‘OK’ for ALL Fit.

Result: You get either one or all of the following:

  • The infamous Droopy Shoulders: A common problem faced often by men with narrow shoulder frames or shorter heights, complemented by longish sleeves and shirts that need a lot of tucking in.
  • Grandfather – Poofy sleeves: Billowing sleeves that seem to engulf your hands, arms and everything that falls in plain sight.
  • Shirt Dress: A shirt you don’t need pants for.
  • A Wayward Shirt Collar: A collar that either chokes you or was made in anticipation of the fat neck you may grow into soon and finally the
  • Muffin Top: A top with the extra ‘several’ inches at the torso to oblige the budding foodie inside you.perfect fit shirts

True, time is of essence in a jet setting world dominated by technology, business travel and innumerable sales calls and trying to fit in a visit to the tailor can be cumbersome not to forget the innumerable visits if it doesn’t fit right, but a well fitted shirt does go all the way in defining who you are. After all, the phrase “Clothes maketh a man” wasn’t just coined in vain.

At we understand this, which is why we bring tailor-made perfection to your doorstep with just a few clicks.


At Vitruvien we know what ‘perfect fit shirts’ mean. We also understand you may be new to ordering bespoke menswear online. Hence our do-it-yourself Body Measurement Wizard. In just a matter of ten minutes, you can place an order for custom shirts by answering a few easy questions and furnishing three simple self-measurements – Chest, Waist and Hip. The rest is left for the wizard to input.

A wide range of superior Egyptian cotton fabrics, bespoke tailoring, styles that promise to keep you ahead of fashion and attention to detail is what characterizes our branded line of shirts. To us customization is everything. Hence in the rare case where your first shirt does not fit you, we offer our Fit Guarantee. No matter who went overboard with the sizing, we will alter / replace your first shirt free of charge. Because at, we believe ‘fit, quality and style’ are the epitome of fashion.


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