Dress like a King with Egyptian Giza Cotton Shirts

Remember Cleopatra seductively picking off grapes from sumptuous bunches held by gorgeous men? How about the ancient Pyramids, packed with treasures to be taken by the Pharaohs into the other world?

The Egyptians were the pioneers of luxury and all things decadent. From this ancient land comes Egyptian Giza cotton, the undisputed King of cotton since 300 years! Here’s why no other cotton dares to vie for this title:

  1. Unmatched strength: Egyptian cotton has long fibres (13/8 inches). Amongst its myriad varieties, the Giza crop, with its extra-long staple fibers, is considered crème-de-la-crème. This superior length makes fine yarn without compromising on its strength. The yarn is then woven into plush cotton fabric.
  1. Grown in the lap of luxury: Much of the Giza crop is concentrated along the banks of River Nile, on one of the most fertile lands known to man. Grown in the land of the Pharoahs, this cotton crop breaths royalty befitting kings.
  1. High yarn count: Yarn count refers to the fineness of the yarn that makes a fabric. Simply put, the higher the count, the finer the yarn. The long staple length of Egyptian Giza cotton fibers makes it exceptionally suitable for weaving into finer yarn counts. Yarn counts going as high as 3/300 are possible only with such exclusive crop.
  1. Inherent glow: Egyptian cotton has a natural sheen that gives fabric a rich, silky appearance. Since it produces little lint, this luster remains intact for years.12131
  1. Greatest purity: This cotton is picked by hand, ascertaining the highest level of purity. Unlike mechanical picking, this process causes no stress on the fiber, leaving each straight and intact.
  1. Richness of color: Egyptian cotton fabric is capable of absorbing more dye than any other variety of cotton. Needless to say, shirts made from this fabric are available in a veritable palette of deep, bright and fade-resistant colors.
  1. Unparalleled comfort: A shirt made from Egyptian cotton grows softer with every wash. Luxuriate a little more with every wear!


Superior quality and peerless strength with an unbelievably soft heart – that’s what you get when you select the King of cotton. Luxury brands the world over use Egyptian Giza cotton to make the richest, most comfortable cotton apparel.

Indeed, 80% of the Vitruvien collection is made from this dreamily soft Egyptian cotton fabric. In addition, we encourage you to craft your shirt exactly the way you like it – select collars, sleeves, cuffs and buttons from our extensive assortment. Choose Vitruvien to become the reigning king of comfortable style!


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