Ways to Dress Up For A Casino Night

Here’s something you don’t get to read often about….. Dressing for a Casino!

Two movies pop to mind – James Bond and Hangover

The former being the dress code to some very high end casinos while the latter more low key, value for money , eat all you can buffet kinds.


So it wouldn’t be surprising that you might be one of those who’d say why dress up…let’s stroll right in, in my ragged sweats and jacket.


But then if you’re somebody who likes to dress right and would like to not just be visiting a high-end casino but also more casual ones that still do have a dress code that’s way better than the one mentioned above… the read on.


Before we think of ensembles, it’s important to check:


  1. What kind of a casino you are headed for?
  2. Do they have a dress code?
  3. What kind of an atmosphere is it? Vintage / gala/ casual
  4. Oh and yes do keep in mind if you’re intending to head out somewhere after the casino, so that you don’t look out of place.


With that in place, we now move on to the dress code & ensembles for different casino formats.

Dress Code – Black Tie: A very important dress code if you’re headed for Casino Monte Carlo in Europe– a 150-yr old casino seeped in exuberance and class. Your ensemble needs: A white French-cuff dress shirt, black bow tie, waist coat, and a black dinner jacket or even a tuxedo. Accessorize with black leather shoes and vintage cufflinks.

Dress Code – Smart Casual: This is a step down and more realistic wear to a Casino. Las Vegas caters to all from the classy tailored jackets to Hawaiian shirts, sometimes at the same table rubbing shoulders as they plan their next tumble. Your ensemble needs: A well-fitted custom suit in dark grey/charcoal grey or black with an open-collared slim-fitted custom shirt in pastel hues or white. Depending on the occasion, team it up with a pop of colour and add a slim silk tie.


Dress Code – Casual yet Sophisticated:

Look 1: Since we are still headed to a casino, so stick to dark coloured trousers that are fitted accessorised with smart dark brogues and paired with a dark maroon, lilac, rust or even a blue collared or button-down shirt paired with a dark blazer or sports coat.

Look 2: You can do super casual without succumbing to the Hawaiian look or the floral prints. Stick to a fitted chino or a pair of khakis teamed with mandarin-collared Linen shirts/printed cotton shirts tucked out and button down with rolled-up sleeves teamed with loafer s or boat shoes.



Always remember to dress keeping in mind your plan after the casino.


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