Style Tips to Look Fashionable in Party Shirts

Who said, you couldn’t dress smart to a party or spend time dressing smart for a party!

When it comes to fashion, the diktats apply everywhere…from the bedroom to the boardroom, from a Sunday brunch to a night out.

Dressing up for a party is as important as dressing up for an interview…the only difference lies in the fact that the term ‘partying out’ is quite open ended… as it could be a beach party or a night at the club, a dress down dinner or a date, a black tie-event or even a cocktail! The list is endless…

Here are some tips on how to style it up for a party.

A BBQ or a casual brunch out: Jeans, a striped slim-fitted shirt tucked out with sleeves rolled back. Accessorized with a sleek watch and sneakers.

Or Pair of khakis teamed with a mandarin-collared short sleeved olive green linen shirt and loafers…and if it’s more of a cosy bbq at night…we recommend smart denims with a printed shirt and boat shoes. Keep a bomber jacket handy for the nip in the air.

For a very Arty Party: Either light denims or pair of slim-fitted casual pants with a dash of colour-shirt paired with a blazer or a sports jacket, teamed with espadrilles and a classic watch

For fun at the beach: Its linen all the way… Fun but sleek printed coloured shirts (florals or geometric) teamed with linen rolled up pants or shorts, beach sandals, sunglasses and a hat.

Then there’s Dinner: For a semi-formal dinner do, mix it up with a pair of dark denims, class collared printed shirt and a diner jacket and boots. Or a tweed coat, silk shirt and a pair of dark chinos

For a cocktail party: A grey (darker than light) slim fit tailored suit with a light solid coloured shirt …loose the tie ofcourse. For the night opt for darker contrasting shades like deep red or rust or even deep lilac to match the grey suit.

Black-Tie Affair: Remember James Bond? Yes this is the epitome of formal +party. It’s time to dry clean that tuxedo with tailored trousers, a crisp French cuff white shirt matched with a pair of stylish black shoe s and fancy rolex. And then let the attire speak for itself. Make sure it’s a black suit.

Finally for the house Dance party you’ve been waiting for: Chelsea boots, denims and a round –bottomed printed shirt with rolled-up sleeves tucked out.

With this you’re pretty much done on how to dress it up for a party of any kind!


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