Germany + Japan = Vitruvien – A new twist to an age old mathematical equation

Perhaps we are stretching ourselves a little with the title, but we leave it to you to decide…

So it all began two and a half years ago, with a simple aim – to identify the best interlining to use in our custom shirt collars & cuffs. Now, for those who are not familiar with tailored shirt making jargon – interlining is a glue coated fabric that is fused between the two fabric layers of your custom shirt’s collar and cuff to make it stiff and last longer. It’s a crucial piece of your personalized shirt – a part of the jigsaw puzzle that so many custom shirt makers get wrong. Take too rigid an interlining and it will give you a stiff neck, take too soft a one and your formal shirt will look… well… let’s leave it at that.




And so began our hunt for that elusive combination. And began countless collar trials, innumerable churns of the washing machine and visits to the best in the business. We scoured the produce of countries – from India to Japan, from Taiwan to Germany and from China to Singapore in our pursuit of perfection. We experimented, we failed. We tried again. We hunted some more.





Finally, 459 collars later and after two and a half years of research (yes… that’s how long it took), we finally found our holy grail in a unique (and very expensive we might add) combination – one layer of Japanese interlining layered over a German one and fused between your shirt fabric. A German interlining that imparts softness and a Japanese one with a proprietary ‘Permabond’ technology that ensures that your collar looks fresh, even after several washes.

This unique combination produces a collar that stands tall. A collar that is formal, but not too stiff. A collar that is voluminous, but not too thick. A collar that softens beautifully with age, but none too much. A collar that is formal & elegant.

A collar that you can say is half German and half Japanese.


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