Short Sleeve Shirts to Wear this Summer

What’s the hullabaloo about short-sleeves!

It’s creating quite the paradox of controversies…from notorious, boring, blasphemous choice of fashion, to even being called “irrationally reviled garment in menswear.” A pariah to the wonderful world of men’s upper wear.

True, you can’t walk around flaunting it at every occasion, but then even a tee-shirt or a shirt with rolled up sleeves can be frowned upon at a business meeting or at a smart casuals dinner do.

Blue Custom Shirt

Honestly, it’s a shame that there is so much ruckus being created about a shirt, which if perfectly tailored and styled, with the right fabrics and worn for the right occasion can actually do wonders for your own style statement. Not to forget, that they are an apt choice for the summer months.

So here are important pointers to remember when diving into the look complimented by some neat summery ensembles.

  1. Fit: These shirts look nice in two ways: – a fit that hugs your torso and one that is airy yet tailored to look trendy and stylish.

Look for a snug fit: Summer colours of pastel blue, earthy brown, beige, lavender, with a button down collar, slim fitted at the torso and mid-biceps worn out over a pair of denims.

Caution: Just don’t have it bursting from everywhere. It’s a snug fit, one that caresses not suffocates your torso.

Look for an airy fit: Another fit that short sleeve shirts look good with. Tailored, straight-cut, regular fit with a mandarin collar and sleeves that are not flary or snug but just right. With such a fit, go for a popover styled shirt, perfect in linen and in colours of olive, pink, deep blue, khaki, tucked out and worn over linen pants or chinos. One can even experiment in thick stripes.


  1. Occasion: Let’s keep it casual. Skip work and definitely skip the tie-shirt combo. Remember the rules, if it’s tucked in, then accessorize formally and smartly with slim fit pants or even dark denims and moccasins or loafers. If tucked out go for a square bottomed shirt or a round bottom one with a gentle rise, on chinos, khakis, denims, linen pants and shorts (if your hitting the beach) paired with trainers or sandals.

Ensure: When tucked out ensure the shirt ends at the halfway point of your back pocket or alternatively slightly above the level where the pant fly ends.


  1. Fabrics & Patterns Ahoy: Considering this is a summer specialty, the go-to-fabrics in this case would be the very airy linen. For those who dislike the creases that come with linen, poplin weave cotton fabrics are ideal since they are thinner and airier than other cotton weaves.

The best thing about short sleeves, is that while it has its limitations, you can get a wee bit bold with your fabric. Some of the finest styles are in solids & monotones, floral prints (if it’s the beach you are headed for, otherwise avoid as it’s not everyone’s forte), micro-checks, gingham or plaids in colours that contrast and complement each other.


  1. The Understated Collar: Collars say it all…When it comes to short sleeved shirts and keeping it casual, the following collars make it to the final casting
  • The Button down: button down with a tee inside, it’s the perfect choice
  • Mandarin: For the artistic yet suave man in you.


Whatever style you’re aiming for, just remember perfectly fitted, custom-made short-sleeved shirts matter with the right fabric. Custom-make your own style at


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