The Ultimate Tuxedo Dress Shirt Guide

There comes a time in every man’s life when he must given in to higher diktats of fashion, and indulge in a white Tuxedo Dress Shirt.

And while we know it can get pretty unnerving for many men to the extent of steering clear… we promise it isn’t as daunting. What is awesome is how‘debonair’ and ‘sharp’ the final outcome can make any man feel.

We’ve all gone through the nuances of a black –tie event, getting the right tuxedo, the shirt, the tie …basically the entire ensemble, what Vitruvien decided to do.. was delve a little deeper and just pick one aspect of the ensemble –The White Tuxedo Shirt.

So here are some important things to remember when shopping for a tuxedo shirt. Although it is imperative to note what you pick up is dependent on how modern or traditional a look you’re leaning on.

  1. Always shop for a white dress shirt. Nothing is more suave and masculine than a tailored white formal shirt with a black tuxedo. Custom shirts are a must if you’re looking for that perfect fit.
  2. The Shirt Front or Bibs: This varies from how traditionally formal, semi-formal or modern you would like to go. For A traditional look, opt for pleated front shirt worn best with French Cuffs – Classic and very suave. However, if you’re opting for a more modern look, then a plain front keeps you versatile allowing you the liberty of even opting for a straight tie over a bow ..and then there is the pique front which is the most formal you can get.
  3. The Fabric: Twills and Broadcloths make the best worn fabrics with Tuxedos. For a contemporary style with sheen opt for twills that tend to be opaque, while broadcloths are more modern with a smooth finish. For a very textured look, Oxfords and Jacquards are great choices.
  4. The Collar: This is an important aspect of the dress shirt considering it does cup your face and highlight your features. Popular choices are spread collar, one of the most versatile collars; the wing-tip collar, very formal and fancy, worn traditionally with a bow –tie.
  5. The Cuff: The two popular cuffs of choice are the traditional formal French Cuff and the more modern go-to Barrel Cuff. French Cuffs come in both rounded and square options and both look good when paired with some classic cufflinks like pearl or black oynx.
  6. The Accessories – Which brings us to the integral element that finishes off your classic, debonair look. Cufflinks, Bow –tie and pocket squares. Opt for black satin bow-tie, smart linen or cotton pocket square.

With these essential tips handy, you’re reading to take the black-tie event by storm!


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