Globetrotting Men’s Fashion Trends of 2018

The verdict is in: Euphoria, Flashback, bedazzled, no-nonsense…. The words spring to mind when we look at the hottest trends burning the ramp this season…The ‘understated’ is out while a jolt of personality is in!

And while some of you may get bowled over,, many of you might get nostalgic to see some reappearances of styles…

  1. The Retro Look: The 80s is back… from loose-fitted garments (trousers) to bomber jackets, to side-striped trousers (retro sportswear) to very pastel colours… And you get to create your own style quotient where retro meets modern!
  2. Suits & Trousers: Sombre becomes a tale of the past, as coloured suits take flight…from hot pink to electric blue to pale teal ….there seems to be a shade for everyone to shake up the no-nonsense stiff look. While for trousers the high waist look is back!
  3. Colours: Pink, the blush that never went out of style as it continues to sizzle the runway..while white remains the chosen classic ….add to that a splash of lavender, pistachio green and subtle yellows…. Wear it on a shirt, jacket, waistcoat or even a suit!
  4. Patterns: From Louis Vuitton, Paul Smith, SSS World Corp to Balenciaga, it was a burst, an infusion of patterns. Hawaiian/tropical inspired patterns, geometric and vertical stripes shirts adorning the models leaving audiences mesmerized in their wake. Checks, another hot favourite that continues to charms its way through the eras…this time though think larger motifs such as heritage, windowpane, prince of wales.
  5. Fabrics: All in all comfort, laidback, easy is the ‘go to look’ this year for men. From Canvas, cotton knit, cotton jersey, to silk, poplin comfortable fabrics take lead for the fashion trends this 2018.

For customized shirts for men, cotton, linens continue to be the mainstays, in addition to this year’s trends.


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