Ways to Look Fashionable in Grey Shirts

While we’ve all heard of the official ‘must have’ grey suit in its many desirable shades, as a shirt, it’s not a colour that one has on the top of their minds. Infact many associate grey, to a sombre, dull colour, often also associated as a colour of the clergy.

However, if truth be told, there is something quite grounded, mature and classic about this colour. Sadly not many understand that.

Available in different textures and patterns grey shirts can create as much of a dapper look and style statement as a charcoal grey suit can. Infact, it looks awesome when worn with contrasting colours. Worry not, if you like the many shades of grey and are stuck contemplating the how’s and whys of it. Below is our very own Lookbook to ‘getting down with grey’.

Custom Grey Shirt

Getting Formal: Think, a short-spread collar, charcoal grey shirt with French cuffs and cufflinks, worn with a navy blue blazer and a rich striped maroon tie tucked into navy slim fit pants. Or grey ginghams tucked into slim fit black pants and a slim-fit black tie.

Or get strictly business and power up with an all grey look. A charcoal grey suit or a striped dark grey suit matched with a pin-striped white and grey shirt and navy polka dotted tie.

Alternatively try a greyish-blue plaid suit with a pin-striped white & grey classic collared shirt and navy polka-dotted tie. You can swing it either ways, working with ginghams, stripes and monotones. And don’t forget the tie-shirt combo; it’s one that works brilliantly with grey. So get bold with textures introducing silks, flannel and knitted, and colours like maroon, purples, red and blue.

Getting Casual:

Didn’t think you’d get casual with grey did you? Well, think again. It really is a versatile colour, you just need to know how to tinker with style.

Checks, short-sleeved stripes, chambray, prints are your plethora of options to choose from and worn perfectly with denims, khakis, linens and chinos.

A laidback brunch day deserves a grey linen pop-over shirt with rolled up sleeves tucked out over a dark denims. While a casual dinner do with friends or family could find you in a smart slim-fit plaid, with a buttoned down collar tucked into navy chinos and loafers. If it’s extremely casual, then button downed lumberjack greys with a white tee inside and faded denims/ tailored shorts below.

After this, you can be rest assured, grey can’t be the boring colour next door.


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