Ways to Wear your Custom Floral Shirt

Florals are great summer patterns…a perfect representation of what we would like to feel on the inside…fresh, vibrant and happy always like the prints on our shirts.


Which is why, floral shirts are great casual shirts to have in every guy’s closet. Floral patterns are varied in number, from very abstract to more real, from big and bold flowers to smaller, lighter, delicate ones.

It’s important however, to keep in mind, that while florals can compliment and boost your sense of style, one still needs to be sober about your choices.

Before we jump into some styles you can sport this summer, just remember a few things

  1. Never wear prints with prints
  2. Stick to sober and smaller florals rather than bold and in your face prints, especially if you’re dabbling with getting yourself a floral custom shirt for the first time.
  3. Buy florals that suit your skin tone and body type.
  4. And don’t go for a very formal look, it’s not meant for that.


With that taken care of, now let’s focus on some floral looks for the summer!


  1. Casually Chic – Full sleeved, custom shirt with small black flowers, left un-tucked over straight cut black denims and boots with a very classic watch and aviators. Let the shirt be not too loose or fitted.
  2. Brunch at the Beach – A light coloured mandarin collared dress shirt with short sleeves sporting vibrant flowers paired with a pair of solid coloured linens like navy, white, gray, beige, khakhi, tan, brown etc, paired with beach sandals and a hat.
  3. Business Casual – You can still go for that meeting, yet not look all stuff and formal. Navy& white minute flower print shirt paired with a pair of slim-fitted navy chinos and a grey blazer and black brogues. Accessorize with a classic silver watch.
  4. Very Very Casual – Leave your short-sleeved floral shirt unbuttoned with a white or black round necked tee inside over a pair of khakhis or denims and loafers.
  5. Mr. Smarty Pants – Pair a subtle beige full-sleeved custom shirt with floral prints with beige chinos and brown loafers.


Always remember, no matter what look you try it’s essential the ensemble reflects your personality and your sense of style, even if you’re doing it for the first time.




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