Make the Ultimate Style Statement with Men’s Checks Shirts



Checks being every man’s wardrobe mainstay come is a variety of patterns. And without a doubt, check shirts have always been and still continue to be one of the most favorite among men as well as women.

A timeless wonder, it has remained ubiquitous and true to is versatile character through the decades.Black Custom Check Shirt

White Custom Shirt for Men


The extra, floating, wefts which are embodied in a fabric, particularly a jacquard, which are cut to produce a fringe effect are the called fil coupé. Different names exist for the so-called fil coupé, for example lancé decoupé or in Switzerland simply the well-known ‘Scherli’. All of them have something in common, namely that the laboriously interwoven threads are just cut again in parts and thereby leaving wonderful effects and patterns and creating a frayed look.


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