4 Ways to Rock Your Maroon Shirt

Maroon, Burgundy, Bordeaux…it goes by many names and many shades when combined with hues of browns and reds.

Born from mixing shades of red and brown, the word ‘Maroon’ has its origins in the French chestnut called ‘Marron’, and was first used to describe a shade of red in late 17oos in English dictionaries. A rich red wine, a colour mascot of renowned universities, schools and sporting teams, official colour of the state of Queensland, Australia, a favourite of the airborne forces world-over popularly used in their berets, worn by the Buddhist monks as robes, and even being paired with other colours to represent flags of countries, Maroon indeed is a colour that abounds with a rich cultural and historical heritage, that cuts across geographical boundaries. Sultry, sexy, passionate, powerful, patriotic, spiritual is what the colour stands for, holding deep-rooted values for each of the associations it holds.

Men's Maroon Custom Shirt

The rich deep red hues makes it for a versatile wear that looks exceptionally great when paired with colours like navy, grey, black, beige and brown. Stylishly elegant and flattering to all types of skin tones, here is how you can team up your maroon shirt, with some quick go-to pairings…

Ensemble 1: Navy and maroon checked, round-bottom shirt worn tucked out over custom navy blue chinos and brown casual brogues.

Ensemble 2: Look dapper in a tailored maroon polka dotted shirt, paired with a navy blue suit and a silk tie.

Ensemble 3: You could lose the suit and wear a solid deep red maroon slim-fit shirt with cut-away collar, tucked into slim fit black pants. Or a maroon Banker’s shirt with gold cufflinks to add a touch of panache.

Ensemble 4: Go casual with maroon tartans and a faded denims for an all laidback Sunday of doing nothing but laying low with the boys. Or slip into a bespoke maroon linen pop-over shirt with beige linen pants and brown moccasins for a quick lunch do.


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