A Gentleman’s Guide to Business Formals

At Vitruvien.com, we understand the business of small things…

Every once in a while, you just need to unwind, let go and have someone else do your bidding… And this is where we step in…. We don’t just customize but cater to all your needs!

Business Formals has always been a dreaded territory for many while uncharted for a few…

So what entails business attire: Crisp Shirt, Tie, Tailored Pants, Suit if the environment calls for it. However, over the years this term has widened to encompass a lot more such as Business Casuals, Smart Casual, Business Formals, Business Professional, Business Attire for winter, Summer etc.

Following are the essentials you should be looking for:

  1. Your Persona: should exude strictly professional. Crisp, neat, ironed clothes should do the trick
  2. The Clothes: A matching business suit preferably in more formal & dark tones of grey, black and blue.
  3. Accessories: Keep it bare minimum, to a matching belt – black or brown, dark socks, cufflinks if the shirt demands it and a smart tie. Stick to formal leather shoes in black or brown.

Three types of Business Formals you should definitely keep in mind:

  1. The Three-piece Suit in shades of charcoal grey & navy blue: light coloured shirts with non-nonsense patterned ties
  2. The Pinstriped Suit with a crisp white French-cuff shirt or a bankers shirt and a patterned tie (just don’t forget the rules on pattern on pattern).
  3. The Single-Tone Business Suit

Just remember keep the shirts strictly professional, choose for solids or sober stripes and formal gingham checks. Stick to lighter shades for colours


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