Monogramming Etiquette for Men

Remember the vintage napkins that bore initials displaying a legacy, an antiquity worth reminiscing about?

Well monogrammed dress shirts are no different….embroidered initials usually of the owner of the dress shirt tastefully sown into the cuff, distinguishing you from the rest. Originally done to identify shirts when laundered together, today it’s a symbol of class that sets you apart from the rest.

However, getting a monogram can be tricky… if not done right it can get tacky…not the look you’re aiming for. Hence, lays down 4 simple points to remember when monogramming your custom dress shirt.

Rule #1 – What part of the Shirt to Monogram – The cuff is the most classic and classy look. Avoid the collar… that’s literally screaming out aloud, while the stomach monogram is just a power move. So stick to what is the most accepted.

Rule #2 – Be Subtle – Keep it small and avoid loud colours. Choose a colour that usually is similar or maybe a wee bit darker than the fabric of the shirt. So if it’s a blue shirt opt for a navy monogram, if a charcoal grey then a light grey monogram or a maroon monogram on a pink shirt.  Avoid embellishments and stick to clean fonts like a block fonts which are more acceptable and distinguished.

Rule #3 – Know your Reason to Monogram – While many things we wear or shop for are dictated by reasons other than delivering your style quotient…a monogram is something that should never be about being pretentious or loud.  It should be more personal and reflective of who you are… otherwise we advise steering clear of getting one done.

Rule#4 – Don’t go overboard with Monograms – It should ideally always be confined to just your initials and usually in just one place… really no one wants your initials in their face.

With these basic rules in mind, monogramming a custom made shirt should  not be a daunting task!


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