Once you go ‘Custom’ you never go back to ‘Off-the-Shelf’

Step back for a moment; recount a moment in time, when your bore witness to your father or grandfather standing tall fitted by their local yet reputed tailor. We are guessing, you do remember.

There is a certain old-world charm with custom-fitted tailoring as against off the rack ensembles. And while that charm continues to dominate our lives even today … the avatar seems to have changed to accommodate the fast-paced lifestyles the new generation leads.

The Avatar of Online Custom Tailoring as against Offline.

According to an article in ‘The Guardian’, “In fact, those savvy shoppers who are spending their money on unique, made-to-measure pieces are part of what is being coined “the new luxury”.

It is no wonder then that custom tailoring has only taken a step forward in the right direction of meeting its busy customers’ needs by being available on a medium where the end consumer spends 90% of his time on – Online.

So what gives a custom made shirt an edge over an ‘off-the-rack” shirt? After all, off-the-rack is branded, quick and easy to purchase, and you avoid the undue delays.

  1. The Fit – it is the epitome of all reasons why one should go custom. It’s a rarity or your just plain lucky if you found an ‘off-the-rack’ shirt that was made for your body. On most occasions, it’s too baggy or too tight, too puffy or too stiff. With bespoke menswear you rule that inconvenience out.
  2. The Design– In addition to the fit, you get to choose every aspect of the shirt you want made… right from the fabric, fit, collar, down to the buttons. You don’t get that with off-the-rack. You buy what you get.
  3. Eye in the Detail – Every seam, every stitch screams quality. There is a certain air of panache that comes with bespoke shirts than off-the-rack.
  4. ‘Expensive’ is a misnomer – it’s a misconception that custom-made clothes are expensive. Branded off-the-rack labels today are far more expensive especially when you buy them and have to still tailor it to your size. Bespoke on the other hand is in comparison economical giving you what you want in one go.

But what makes Online bespoke menswear more appealing today over offline?!

Well, for starters online bespoke menswear takes custom made clothing a step forward by simplifying and streamlining, with the click of a button in the comforts of your home.

  1. Choice is many and varied
  2. And that starts right from the collar to the buttons
  3. You get to customise online and preview before you actually buy
  4. You also get to customise with a budget in mind
  5. And all of this without getting out of the comforts of your home.

Is no wonder why once a niche, online bespoke menswear is now scorching the screens of ever y fashion-conscious jetsetter.


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