Orange is the New Black

A versatile colour, that looks good on just about everything…from a grim yet daring prison outfit to the beautiful dancing flames of fire to a sun-kissed autumn…there is something so ethereal yet dangerous, perky yet rejuvenating about this zesty colour.

A colour ‘considered’ favourable more to women than men, opted more for polo shirts and tees rather than dress shirts. But… we say otherwise. It’s always how you wear it that matters in the end. It’s your personal style statement that eventually carries any attire along.

Tailor Made Orange Shirt

So let’s, get up, close and personal with Orange.

  • It’s a colour, that suits most skin types
  • Especially, since it’s available in exciting shades like rust, hues of apricot, vermillion, bright citrus etc.
  • But despite its adventurous side, it does have its list of pairing colours that it needs to be combined with for best results: dark green, navy blue, black, beige, grey. If it’s suits, then pair it with colours like charcoal grey, black or navy blue.
  • While it is more apt for a casual setting, some shade variations do look dapper in formals.

Orange 101

Casual Ensembles

Casual One: A tailored printed light orange shirt tucked into pair of slim-fit denims and a navy sports jacket.

Casual Two: Flaming autumn orange shirt with short sleeves, with button-down collar and teamed with checkered shorts/tailored beige or navy blue shorts and sandals. Or alternate a lovely summer orange linen shirt over beige linen pants and loafers.

Casual Three: Rust slim fit shirt tucked out on a pair of black denims.

Business Ensembles

Business One: Look dapper in a custom gingham peachy hue, with a short spread collar and steel grey tailored suit and black striped tie.

Business Two: Or look suave in a dark orange Banker’s shirt with cufflinks, a contrasting brown printed or black tie with slim fit black pants.


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