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From Animal, Camouflage, Geometric, Ikat, Paisley & Floral, Tribal, Blocks, Batik to Digital… the list is endless, dynamic and ever evolving.

Some tagged with an untiring history, some with short life spans and some like a phoenix born anew. From bold to subtle, every print comes with its own unique style, and more often than not, making a statement. Good or bad of-course dependent on a person’s individual style mantra. custom print shirts

Therefore our ADVICE: Say YES to Confidence & Panache and GOODBYE to Awkwarness and Doubting. Because prints are fun, adding a dash of excitement to any wardrobe and are an established mainstay in menswear.

Printed shirts are actually very easy to wear and can be integrated into any ensemble to suit any occasion.

Here are some you can flaunt by the occasion:

Smart Casuals: Aah the dreaded S and M…add to that prints, and you make History! The good kinds or the very bad kinds. However, since we did say Confidence and Panache is the way to go, so worry not as we spruce up an exciting ensemble for you.

We recommend, the less stand-out more acceptable button down or even mandarin-collared printed shirts in polka dots, stripes, and small motifs in shades like navy blue, maroon, black teamed with a custom blazer, a pair of beige or grey chinos and moccasins. Wear them tucked in.

Casual Summery-beachy Look: Here is where florals lead the way. Wear a smart short sleeved small-sized floral printed shirt, tucked into light coloured linen pants. Florals are an excellent summer choice available in different shades, designs and patterns. We recommend the more soothing ones.

For something even more fun, wear a pair of cotton tailored shorts teamed with a floral printed shirt with rolled up sleeves, worn tucked out and paired with sandals.

We do suggest you keep your florals toned down. So opt out of flashy or bright colours, too much clutter and large patterns.

Psychedelic Night Out: Get bold, daring and experimental with Aztec, Geometrical and digital prints. Wear a made to measure shirt tucked in on a pair of smart denims and a summer blazer.

Formals & Prints: Dare you to not get heard! Especially when you put together a smart, fitted, minute-patterned shirt with short-spread collar, French cuffs, teamed with a metallic or steel grey suit and a solid coloured slim-tie.


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  1. Some really nice print shirts available here. Superb Collection!
    Would love to order some more shirts. Thanks a lot for the perfect fit 🙂


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