Prints: Men’s Shirts: Why not?

There’s something of a taboo for some when it comes to prints and men. Too flashy, too vain, too pansy or even too casual are the words that often pop when you think men and prints…

However, we say that those are shackles created by our own inhibitions and the diktats of fashion. But if we were to really follow fashion seriously, we’d know that prints have been around for many years now. 1950’s saw men’s dress shirts in muted colors and polka dots on white, while plaid and stripes ruled. The 50’s also saw a collection of eclectic designs and Hawaiian.

And therefore, printed shirts are definitely a must-have in every man’s wardrobe.

So, following are some pointers on why a man should have prints in his wardrobe –

  1. Express Yourself: Prints are a perfect opportunity to show how sophisticated, debonair and well-informed you are in fashion. Pairing the perfect print that suits your body, face, blends with the perfect colors and happens to be trending makes you a fashionista of sorts. No wonder prints have become an established menswear. A word of Caution: Confidence is everything!
  1. Style with Ease: Sometimes all you want to do is pull up a great, chic look in 15 minutes. Prints allow you that leeway…a micro-print shirt with a pair of chinos and loafers and you’re ready.
  1. A splash of ‘interesting’: Not only does print break the monotony in the wardrobe but also helps you stand out in a sea of stereotypical men… Prints are countless many…from geometric, micro, graphic, gingham, floral, each lending character and depth to the outfit and personality… not to mention representative of the mood you’re in.



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