The Quintessential Thomas Mason

All great things have a lineage….


There are those that are born into legacies and then there are those that are born creating a legacy for centuries to come…


Thomas Mason was a visionary, who saw what no one else did…an opportunity in the Industrial Revolution … cotton!


Delving a bit into its history…..In 1792 cotton made its way to the shores of England from West Indies… in 1796, Thomas Mason started his first hi-end cotton fabric factory in Leeds for men’s shirts, which soon earned the patronage of the top aristocratic circles of London. By 1850s, the expansion of the British Empire saw, an unparalleled expansion of the Thomas Mason industry which became a benchmark for elegance.


Thomas Mason wasn’t just a name of elegance to reckon with, but the fabric played an integral role in World War I, when it contributed to saving the lives of millions of airmen who wore special suits to prevent exposure…


Such is the rich history Thomas Mason brought with it, that what followed was a lineage of quality, craftsmanship, patronage and loyalty that scanned far and wide including that of English Royalty. The nineties saw the acquisition of the Legendary Thomas Mason by the Albini family, one entrenched with a two century history, showcased in its collection of fabric that was historical and unmatched in value and aesthetics.


Today Thomas Mason… is not only patronized by the British but has weaved its way to shores far and wide including India. brings to your doorstep world-class luxury – Thomas Mason & Albini Collection fabrics, a ‘Legend since time immemorial’

(Please note: Fabrics in Thomas Mason and Albini Collection will be delivered 4 days later than the usual delivery date and samples for these cannot be provided)


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