Red-pedia: Power, Passion, Attractive, Confident…

The Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, USA, says that men in red can be as alluring as a lady in the same colour. We concur. Men wearing the color bordered by the rosy hue,  surely do make some heads turn among the opposite sex.

Red through the years has made men look, ‘Bold’, ‘Powerful’, ‘Rich’ & ‘Attractive’. A colour that makes your blood pump, it can be found ranging in hues from brick to blood, and sported in just about every style you can think of. However, for all its charisma, it must be worn wisely, and contrasted with warmer colours, so as to not overwhelm or intimidate. And a must to keep in mind the skin tones, especially the lighter skin tones.4

So our advice, don’t go red-o-mania but definitely keep a few mix-and-match ensembles in your closet.

From The Vitruvien Rouge Lookbook, here are some must-have styles,

Power Rouge: For a business meeting, where you want the intimidating look wear a bespoke blood red shirt with a short spread stiff collar worn perfectly with a slim striped tie in grey, complimented by a sleek silver tie pin.

Semi-Formal Dinner Date Rouge: Bedazzle your lovely date with an elegant combination of a brown herringbone jacket and a polka dotted  red shirt with a classic collar, grey tie.

Night Out Rouge: If you had  “Paint the Town in Red” in mind, wear a custom-fit solid shirt in brickish or maroonish hues, with a buttoned down collar and a dark black or grey waist coat.

For a Laidback Sunday: Try the lumberjack checks in the rosy hue with a white vest inside, light denims or beige khakis and loafers.

So go stylish with your wardrobe and get yourself a custom-made red shirt from Vitruvien.


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