Regalia: Royalty at your Doorstep

Sourced along the Nile Valley in Egypt, woven in the finest mills of Italy and Inspired by British Royalty, Regalia brings to you a collection of premium Egyptian Giza Cotton fabrics with a worldly essence.

Egyptian Giza is noted as one of the finest cotton fabrics in the world, handpicked to preserve the longevity of the long fibres.

Regalia is luxury redefined, as it brings to your doorstep a collection of premium 2/120s and 2/140s Egyptian Giza fabrics…

What makes them different from the rest?

The finish: silky smooth, soft, fine, durable, longevity, colour fastness, lustre to name a few….

It also lends an air of exclusivity, making it stand apart from the rest.

Spun into extra-fine yarns from the purest and longest fibres, these high –end fabrics make excellent choices for luxury dressing.

So what makes the 2/120s and 2/140s exclusive?

To produce this fabric, Egyptian Giza Cotton fibres are woven into superfine 120 and 140 count yarns. The prefix ‘2’ indicates that two 120-count and 140-count yarns are spun together to create a strong 2-ply yarn. Giza cotton is well known for its superb strength, breathability, moisture absorption, colour fastness and lustre.

The difference between the 120 and 140 is the fineness of the yarn. The higher the count, the lighter and finer the yarn is. Hence 2/140s has an even more luxurious feel vis-à-vis a 2/120s count.


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