Shirting Up for a Wedding 

Whether it is a wedding at a church, a garden, a resort or a palace… no matter where, there is always a cardinal dress code for weddings, beach setting an exception!


Transcending all geographical & cultural boundaries, the rules remain unchanged and must be adhered if you want to get it right and want to appear stylish.


Let’s begin with the BASIC GROUND RULES


#Rule1: Don’t go all white, Its only a bride’s prerogative and you don’t want her to go all bridezilla on you! Unless you are the groom’s best man and you simply must adhere. There is a white tie for a super royal tailcoat sort of wedding. but that is that.

# Rule 2: Black is always acceptable and safe.

# Rule 3: Always dress for the occasion steering heavily towards formal… it’s better to be overdressed at a wedding (unless it’s a beach wedding) than being underdressed.


Now that we have that out of the way, let’s dress by occasions

Black Tie Weddings: If you can invest a little, then we’d say don’t rent but get yourself a tailored, stylish, slim-fit black tuxedo. A standard tuxedo entails a black dinner jacket with a fine finish and trousers to match. Opt for a classic, crisp French-cuffed white shirt made of Egyptian Giza cotton with a tuxedo collar, specially designed to sit well with a bow tie under a tuxedo suit.

Semi-Formal Weddings: This is a little less conservative than the black-tie event. Most wedding invitations are semi-formal, so it will be good to be prepared. Always be ready with a Navy Blue, Black, and Charcoal. Opt for darker shades for winter and lighter hues of grey for summer. For Shirts we recommend, solids first, with more formal shades of white, black, grey and blue. If you’d like to experiment with patterns, we would recommend you to go ahead with the flamboyant prints. Keep it crisp with a classic spread or a Chinese collar. Accessorise with shades of brown or black oxfords and even a pocket square.


Casual Wedding: It still doesn’t make flip-flips, tee-shirts, jeans or shorts acceptable. It just means don’t land up in a tuxedo or very formal. It’s probably an outdoor wedding, and you could do with an evening wear casual look. Opt for some dark trousers, teamed with coloured shirts, lighter for the day and darker for evening, and a sports coat. This also allows you to wear separate shades for top and bottom wear. For instance, a black blazer/sports coat teamed with a dark pink shirt and beige pants and Loafers.



  1. Go for lighter colours and fabrics for the summer, spring and day weddings. Spring is a season of colours, so get colourful with your shirts while contrasting with a sombre suit. Get bold with solid pastel hues and chambray blue for the summers. Experiment with minute plaids if you really want to go for patterns.
  2. Shirt Fabrics for the summer: Cotton (seersucker, Egyptian Giza), Silk Linen and Linen.


  1. Opt for darker shades and thicker fabrics like Oxford Broadcloth, twills for weddings in Fall, Winter and during evenings. Perk up your wardrobe with colours like burgundy, dark pink, emerald green, rust.
  2. Always try and go for tailored suits and custom shirts because nothing says sloppy than an ill-fitted suit and a baggy shirt.



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