Stylish Ways to Rock your Green Shirt

The colour Green brings to mind, a song from the 80s by a group called Status Quo, “You’re in the army now, Oh, oh you’re in the army now…”

Yes well, apart from being the colour mascot for the Military/Army in many countries, the colour symbolises many other things such as Money, Nature and even Envy!

Green Custom Shirt

Green is not exactly a primary colour, nor is it a go-to-colour for most people when building a wardrobe of must-have items and colours. But it does offer you one of the most delightful shades to play around with from sea green, to pistachio, olive, bottle green, parrot, pastel mint, henna, etc.

We decided to do this different and bring an edge of creativity and fun to your wardrobe. So here are some interesting options:

Getting Artsy: To bring out the creative yet suave edge in you, wear a micro white dotted bottle green shirt, with a button-down collar and rolled up sleeves, tucked into a pair of dark denims and paired with a brown plaid waist coat and navy chinos

Getting Dreamy with Green: Sea Green, full-sleeved, spread collared shirt tucked into a pair of light denims, and navy blue summer blazer open at the front. Throw in a brown belt, and you’re ready for that dreamy, scenic date on a yacht.

Boys Day Out: Here’s where you could get creative with a few options.

Ensemble one: Khaki coloured military full-sleeved shirt tucked out with a pair of dark denims.

Ensemble two: Tailored long sleeved/short-sleeved dark green linen shirt with a mandarin collar, tucked out on dark denims.

Ensemble three: Botanical Green checked shirt, with rounded bottom and tucked out on a pair of dark denims.

And if you still need your very own Green at the Job, then try a tailored striped green shirt, with a cutaway collar, tucked into slim fit black pants, accessorized with a contrasting blue or grey checkered tie and black oxfords.


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