Solids: Trending this Autumn 2017

There is no clear monotony when it comes to dress shirts for men. Solids, Prints, Checks and Stripes all are an important item in a man’s wardrobe… the more varied and encompassing the wardrobe the suaver the man is… provided he understands the basic tenets of dressing right.

The whites gave way to colors, and although the legendary white has remained true to its noble status, a fusion of colors have made their way through the years from the ramps to the wardrobes of men… every color representing a style, status, mood and attitude.

So, without further fuss…let’s jump down to the top colours trending this season…

  • The Pantone Institute of Colour released the following top ten colors this Fall: Grenadine Red, Tawny Port, Ballet Slipper, Butter rum, Navy Peony, Neutral Grey, Shaded Spruce, Golden Lime, Marina, Autumn Maple. Essentially the theme being warmth.

Vitruvien recommends: The Autumn shades of Navy Peony, Neutral Grey, Butter rum and Tawny Port

  1. Tawny Port, a dark shade of red, lending an elegant, sophisticated and tasteful air is perfect for an evening formal attire;
  2. Butter rum, is perfect for a sit-down dinner & drinks by the fire – warm, toasting and snug on a nippy autumn evening.
  3. Navy Peony, dependable, solid and stable…. this colour is best suited for work place, precisely the attributes you’d like to convey!
  4. Neutral Grey perfect for a strictly formal day at work or a semi-formal dinner do.
  5. Spruce is a beautiful blue-based shade of green that works well on more olive skin tones and for a nippy evening.


  • GQ says: Camel, Moss Green, Bright Orange & Silk Shirts!

Vitruvien recommends: Go Casual- A pair of beige chinos to offset the moss green custom shirt, also a color that suits every skin tone; a pair of rugged denims, boots and bright orange accessorized with a tan scarf.


  • And Vogue calls the Dusky Blue the new ‘IT’ color.


Now that you have the colors to play with we suggest you get busy with some customized to perfection dress shirts in the hottest colors of the season!



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