Tips to Look Stylish in Yellow Shirts

Buttercups and daffodils, illuminating and all-encompassing, transforming and ever evolving….

A skip in your step, flutter in your heart, a warmth in your smile, this colour is uplifting, cheery and inspiring.

Yellow Custom Shirt

It is also a colour that draws attention. From raincoats to stop signs to cabs to bumblebees. It’s attractive and eye catching. With summer in the air, it seems to be the ‘very hot’ colour, trending right now with its alluring range of 50plus shades and hues, not to mention the sizzling choice for every runway.

Thus bringing us to the most pertinent question many might ask, Men and Yellow? Much like the proverbial debate of Men in Pink.

Well, we say if you are bold, creative, with a happy disposition, Yellow is for you.

The Happy Worker: Try a slim fit, classic collared lemon yellow Banker’s shirt with charcoal slim fitted pants and a grey striped tie. If it’s a little more formal you’re aiming for, opt for either a hairline striped white & yellow shirt, teamed with a printed tie and charcoal grey suit. Not only will you make heads turn, but will also be the one guy every woman warms up to.

The Laidback Sunday: Go for shades like amber, banana, maize or daffodil and wear your shirt, buttoned down, with rolled up sleeves and tucked into a pair of denims accessorized with a brown belt and brown or beige moccasins. Or mix it up with a buttoned down, mustard shirt tucked out over a pair of khakis or linen pants and espadrilles.

Jazzy it up for a night out: Here is when you get bold. Choose from any of the shades like: deep lemon, school bus yellow, canary or cadmium, wear it over slim fitted chinos or denims and accessorize it with a smart summer blazer. If you want to get bolder, try prints.

A summer colour, it works best when you contrast it with darker shades such as charcoal and navy blue or even black. It is also a perfect highlighter for dark skinned and tan complexions. Just remember though to keep it toned down. Wear just one yellow in your entire attire. It’s a colour that catches the eye, so we don’t want you to stop traffic, just make heads turn.


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