The Business of Things

Yes it’s as business as it gets. While the term may vary from Business Casual to Business Wear, the word ‘Business’ still looms dangerously over your head daring you to try it any other way.

The life of a corporate jet-setter can be taxing, and while workplaces slowly and steadily transform to casuals, let’s not complicate what tradition has always called for in ‘Business Wear’ and what will always remain in vogue.  A dark suit, light shirts (remember boardroom blues?), a slim tie and dress shoes.Formal Shirts for Men

So here are some essential Business Wear Tips:

  1. Shirts: Go for a statesman like Black & White pinstriped, classic collared, bespoke Banker’s shirt. For the absolute powered up look sport a old rose hue with a classic collar, double cuffs and cufflinks. And if you believe in traditions, talk business in a teal or azure blue short-spread collared shirt with french cuffs. Ensure the suit & shirt match is perfect.
  2. Suits & Tie: For the Banker, Corporate Jet-setter, Business tycoon, suits are a must! Every man’s wardrobe must have a grey, black and navy blue suit and a range of ties to choose from. Checks, stripes and bold monotones.
  3. Pants: Well fitted dress pants that are tailor-made to your size. Too tight and you run the risk of being called ‘skinny legs’ and too baggy, and you’re playing in a different league. Good must haves that go with all are dark grey, black, navy blue and beige. We’d say give khakis & linen pants a miss. They are better left to ‘Smart Casuals’.
  4. Blazers or Jackets: Yes there will be occasions when you can lose the suit ensemble and slip into a business ensemble that calls for a blazer or jacket. A custom jacket that gives your torso the shape it deserves. Opt from a navy blazer, a brown tweed coat or a 6-buttoned black jacket.
  5. Shoes: The final actor in the play. The dress shoes. Classics are always safe. Remember to wear a smart, contoured shoe, not too pointy not too rounded. Just right. Stick to classic lace it up oxfords, brogues, slip-on loafers (although we recommend keeping this for blazer day), derbys, and Italian moccasins.

Jewellery, unkempt hair and mismatched socks a strict NO!

Always remember “Clothes maketh a man” and customized menswear tailored to perfection goes a long way in defining the ‘business’ man in you!


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