Fashionable Tips To Perfect Pant Shirt Combination

The Pant-shirt duo reminds me of historical lovers like Romeo- Juliet (inseparable & forever remembered through changing eras), or the recent immortal lovers of Twilight- Edward & Bella – The Immortal lovers.

Like a married couple…the duo has seen tumultuous times with frequent changes in fashion, yet sailed through it all to have become a power couple.

Yes we are still talking about the pant-shirt DUO.

Whether you’re a young boy, a teenager, a grown adult or a grandfather… that duo has been on you and made you stand out for the style statement you created with it.

So it comes as no surprise that we at Vitruvien decided to delve on it not deeper but on the area we are best at… some fashion tips.

We decided to tackle the patterned pants- solid shirt ensembles….. so here are our top recommendations.

  1. Checked Pants. These come in varied types – checks, plaid and windowpane. Always remember, it’s best to opt for the pattern-solid combo not the pattern on pattern combo. And go for solids that are subtle or dark but not contrasting. If you do decide to go patterns on patterns… there are some shirts where the patterns look like solid colours, like herringbone. Such shirts are called tone-on-tone, which means a subtle pattern to the weave, thus making them appear as solid colours.
  2. Avoid Stripes. They look like they belong elsewhere when you wear them stand alone with dress shirts. However, worry not if you really must wear them. We recommend going for absolute minute pinstripes or intricate weaves, which draw the attention away to the dress shirt instead. And yes avoid printed shirts of any kind not even tone-on-tone. Stick to pure solids.

With these two rules in mind … you should be good to go with ensembles that include custom dress shirts and custom printed trousers.


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