The Linen-age Collection

With summer just around the corner, comfort takes precedence over everything, especially where sweltering heat and humid conditions take over. But for someone who has believed in style and elegance, no matter what, the choice of fabric becomes essential. And what better than summer’s own best friend: Linen

The Linen Lineage

Made from the fibres of the Flax plant, one of the oldest agricultural plants, fabric made out of Linen, has a lineage that dates back several thousands of years. Used across civilizations and the empires of Egypt, Greece, Rome and Central Asia, Linen has always been the favourite of the wealthy. From the times of the Pharaohs of Egypt to the 1960s and till date – it is one fabric that has never gone out of fashion.

A designer’s favourite, Linen is perhaps the only fabric that ironically gets more fashionable with every wrinkle and crease. Airy, fresh and breathable, it offers an inviting respite from the sun. Durable and strong, it is a much sought after fabric – which gives it, its hefty price tag.

This summer, Vitruvien promises to delight you as it introduces a summer spread of Linen crafted from exclusive Belgian flax. These Belgian Linen shirts in a splash of summer colours like yellow, green, bright blue, pink, promise to keep you looking cool and trendy this summer.Linen shirts for men

For those new to Linen, we’ve got some handy style tips for you:

  • Known for its versatility in being elegant yet trendy, it can pass off for both formal and casual wear.
  • Don’t fret over its wrinkled appearance. The natural look and feel is what gives it an air of elegance.
  • If it’s an elegant beach you’re headed for, linen is your number one go to fabric. Jump into your short sleeves linen shirt, tuck it out and pair it with shorts, espadrilles and your classic aviators.
  • For a more formal dinner engagement, wear a long-sleeve dark shade linen shirt with a pair of cotton trousers and a lighter shade tweed or linen blazer.

For a fabric that is ostensibly simple, Linen does command attention to detail from its wearer. After all, that is precisely what sets this fabric apart from the rest. Wouldn’t you agree?


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