The ‘Round Tipped’ one – Milano Club

The Milano club collar is among the most distinctive and inimitable collars that we have to offer. Making its way from the early 20th Century roots, this collar is round tipped and is typically reserved for formal occasions. A definite must have for the avant-garde among men.

Milano Club Collar

This collar looks great under a two or three-piece suit, when paired with a slim tie and a narrow lapel blazer. While we like the formal look of this collar with a tie, it can certainly work for casual fabric designs too. Be experimental; see what works best for you with this collar style.


About Milano Series

Taking cue from from the fashion capital of Italy – Milan, we at Vitruvien have crafted a contemporary variant of our 7th Ave series. With a front collar band height at 1 1/16 inches and proportionately reduced collar points this series forms our short collar series. The short height of these collars, make them well suited for short men or men with a short neck.

See all collars in the Milano Series: Milano Point, Milano Spread, Milano Cutaway, Milano Club.


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