The Short-chronicles

The much debated shorts, was largely synonymous with the young boys … Even back in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Never was it fathomed, that the controversial garment in a man’s wardrobe would soon gain semi-acceptance post World War II, where soldiers were given shorts to wear both for comfort in the tropics and rationing.

Even though the shorts gained momentum… It did so mostly as a uniform for sporting activities. … It was only after 1950s when trendsetters in Hollywood were seen sporting in them, did it finally make its mark as a piece of fashionable garment. And even though it still has boyish associations it is no longer a social or cultural stigma.

Now that we have its history out of the way, let’s look at the following few things:

When to Wear Shorts

  1. The more obvious reasons are guided by environment, location, temperature. You can’t really wear shorts on a chilly morning or in a mosquito infested island. Wisdom before fashion is essential.
  2. Leave the shorts to recreational events and occasions. A beach party/ Hiking/ road-trips/ outdoor sports, mostly fun events…

However, there are ‘Short’ Rules you must follow 

  1. Length: How short is too short?! Swimming trunks or other athletic settings are an exception…but anything else we insist on keeping it halfway down the kneecap or 1-2 inches above the knee.
  2. Fit: Too loose and you might look bulky, too tight and it might get uncomfortable not just for you but the ones who have to see you. How tight or loose depends on how well you carry it, but we would still recommend following the accepted norms – opt for a close fit, one that accentuates your body in the right way. Also, don’t opt for pleats.
  3. Colour: If you want to play safe, stick to solids and conventional fits. Colours are also dictated by occasions. The blues, reds and greens are fun for a more casual beachwear/outdoor party with the friends. Colours like tan, khakhi, white, black, greys; navy is a more stylish wear to a beach-lounge party, a brunch etc.
  4. Patterns & Fabrics: Cottons (seersucker,madras), Chinos and Linens. Avoid synthetics for anything other than sports or denims. Go for solids or select plaids, herringbone.

Finally, Looks to Create with the Right Shirts (Fabrics & Patterns)  

  1. Plaids or Polka: A well-fitted, short-sleeved custom shirt, in light/pastel coloured plaids, that are soothing for the summer, tucked out over a pair of navy or tan shorts are a perfect ensemble for the summer.
  2. Linens: Always a summer favourite, easy on the eye, and stylish despite its wrinkles…Linen has always been and will continue to be a fashion anomaly. Opt for mandarin collared, short-sleeved shirt, round bottomed tucked out over chino shorts.
  3. Solids: A White Slim-fitted, rolled-up sleeved shirt which can be tucked in, a look only a tailored shirt can give, looks good for a summer outing. You can also look up to design yourself a perfectly –fitted custom shirt online.

Always opt for shirts tucked out not tucked in.


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