The Statesmanly Stripes

Barring the infamous prisoner stripes (which ironically does make a statement of sorts), stripes have long since been the quintessential fashion wear for men.

The Legendary status of stripes owes it allegiance to the ‘Breton’ or Horizontal Stripes, which made its way to fashion & haute couture after Coco Channel’s nautical line in 1917. And she took inspiration from none other than the French navy (who hailed from Brittany, so the name ‘Breton’) who wore striped uniforms, to be differentiated from the waves if they ever fell overboard. Soon after ‘Breton’ caught on like wildfire, and it received the patronage of not just the upper class ladies but also stars of the French silver screen, Hollywood, and even legends like Pablo Picasso the artist and musicians like Kurt Cobain and John Lennon.

However, despite its undefeatable patronage by one and all through the years, horizontal stripes are not always the ‘go-to’ choice for men. They are better left sported on smart T-shirts. Because for all its panache they sadly don’t compliment every body type. Better suited for tall and slender bodies, they are best avoidable for bodies that are broad built, as they make one look wider.

When it comes to shirts and stripes, Vertical is the ‘only’ choice.  No matter who wears it and what occasion it’s been worn for, they always make a bold statement. Ofcourse, standard dressing etiquettes do apply.shirt infographics stripes

Which is why we recommend the Vertical Striped shirts. They tend to flatter the figure, making it look long and slender, and can be worn casually and formally. These also come in many types: Awning (the widest sized you can get), Bengal (narrower than Awning), Candy, Pencil, Pin, Hairline, Barcode and Shadow.

Some stripey combinations to watch out for:

@Work: For those absolutely toned torsos, we recommend an ‘all slim’ ensemble – slim fitted bespoke striped shirt teamed with a solid black or blue slim tie and paired with slim fitted grey or black trousers. And to stir things up, get yourself a white collar and french cuffs and make it a Bankers shirt.

@Play: Do a dark shade of Awning or Bengal striped shirt (red, maroon, dark blue or black) with a tall-spread collar, rolled up sleeves and a rounded bottom cut. Teamed with a pair of dark denims and moccasins, and you’re definitely making heads turn.

Summery Day: Casual Striped linen shirt with a mandarin collar, round bottom, tucked out or even tucked in with a pair of tailor-made formal chino shorts, slim belt and loafers. Or you could make it semi casual, with a button down maroon and white pinstriped shirt, with rolled up sleeves tucked into a pair of formal chocolate brown shorts with a chic belt and moccasins. And you’re ready for the perfect casual yet classy summer outing.


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