The Unbending Collar

Well…That’s a tall claim. But let us be a little frank here, our collars are not exactly unbendable and understandably so, else they would well be mistaken to belong to a silicon type outfit out of a futuristic star wars movie.

But, they remain so crisp and fresh that they are as close as they can get to being unbendable.


When you observe the collars of ordinary shirts, you will realize that over time (after a few washes) they will lose the crispness that they had when you purchased them off the rack. The reason is that these collars are anciently constructed, using less than optimum interlinings and stitching techniques. As a result, when you wear these shirts all day, the collar points will give away and bend resulting in a not so formal look.

But that’s not the case with our collars! With materials imported from the heart of Germany & Japan, Vitruvien collars are made to last long. We reinforce our collar points with a TalusTM – a unique way to construct collars that very few (of course only the elite) shirt makers employ. This combination of quality materials and an unparalleled stitching method ensures that our collar points remain straight; no matter how many washes you may subject our shirts too.

The result: Your shirt will end up looking fresh and elegant all day long.


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