The Yosemite Summer Collection

Take 1: Basking in the sun as the birds chirp and the first rays of sunshine engulf you in all their warmth and glory…


Take 2:  Heavenly rains create a titillating experience as they rush to the ground, bringing luscious colours into full bloom…


Take 3:  An enchanting play of soft sounds along a glorious trek through the endless pine trees…


Yes! We made it to America’s oldest National park – The Yosemite – known for its Granite cliffs, lakes and waterfalls.


Landing at San Fransisco Airport, we decided to enjoy the nippy weather with a 4-hr drive to the Yosemite Park. And was it a wise decision, as panoramic views of forests, glacier capped canyons and green fields mesmerized us through the journey.


When we reached the valley, the sight that greeted was even more breathtaking, and felt straight out of a fantasy movie – picturesque, quaint, and magical.


But we had miles of footage to shoot before we called it a night, so after a short yet wholesome snack, the crew set of for the shoot. Here’s a sneak preview into some of the excitement we caught on camera.

One of our first breath-taking sights was the Meadows Walkway. Not far out from the Valley’s visitor centre, it is a flat trail that runs through lush green meadows, offering you a brilliant opportunity to feast your eyes on a stretch of sun-kissed meadows that gently give way to tall pine trees and majestic mountains. We decided to match its exuberance and vivaciousness with our perfect sunny version of a mandarin-collared, linen shirt with deer prints paired with a pair of mustard tracks and white sneakers, perfect for an adventurous hike.

Not far out was the much known camp grounds of Yosemite Creek and Porcupine Flat, an hours drive from the valley on the Tioga road. We shifted our base quickly while the sun was still shining upon us. Just before we could hit the Porcupine Flat, crossing enthralling views of snow-capped mountains, inspiration struck and we took a shoot stop! An All Pristine Blue ensemble – A slim-fit blue denim shirt with a Milano spread collar, tucked into a pair of light blue ankle-length denims. Sleeves rolled up and matched with a pair of sunny-shaded aviators, all leaning towards a dreamy and relaxed look.

The day had been long, but before we collapsed, we decided it was time to satiate our appetites with some mouth-watering burgers at the famous Happy Burger Diner at a small town called Mariposa. As we waited for our orders to come, we played with yet another ensemble – a chic & funky look with a checked shirt, paired with ankle length navy blue pants, classic blue suspenders and leather slip ons.

Day 2 – Had us up early and excited for the day ahead, only to find it pouring. Spirits not dampened, we decided to postpone our hike to the glorious Vernal falls through the Mist trail until after the shoot minus the armoury.

So we simply chose to drive through the Big Oak Flat Road- Tioga Road, hoping that the day would bring in a ray of sunshine… but what we did not expect was to be greeted by one of the most splendid, captivating and panoramic views of lush green landscapes. It was along this stretch, under the dark brooding clouds and with the mountains as our backdrop, that we decided to stop and shoot with a short-sleeved white shirt with a blue leaf print – complimenting the brooding clouds.

One of our favourites was our trip to the Yosemite Falls…

Quick Fact: Yosemite Falls is ten times taller than Niagara falls, making it the tallest in North America and fifth in the solar system. Such is the magnitude of the fall that it breaks into three parts – Upper Yosemite Fall, Middle Cascades and Lower Yosemite Fall.

We headed for the lower falls, which offers you a breath-taking view of the waterfall as cold blue water splashes on your face.. leaving you exhilarated and rejuvenated. Here we managed some shots of pure gay abandon – standing barefoot wearing cream trousers with a checked shirt. It was quite the paradox captured on camera… a jetsetter in the midst of wilderness – thoughtless and carefree.

After several more beautiful locales, we ended the shoot on the second day, leaving the Yosemite feeling rejuvenated and energized, wanting to come back for more.

Truly inspired and enthralled by the captivating beauty of this park we decided unanimously to call our collection ‘The Yosemite Summer Collection’.


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