Most Popular Check Patterns for Shirts

While we have already dabbled in the dos and don’ts of checks in one of our earlier articles along with must have ensembles…This time we decided to go Avant Garde by focusing on the best checks to be checking out, while also delving a little into each one’s checkered past.

Check 1: Gingham – Originally a striped fabric when introduced in the 17th century, it transitioned into checked patterns at the mills in Manchester, England in mid 18th century. By late 1900s the style had become a rage associated largely as a smart casual… apt for an evening adventure or even a date or even a casual day at work.  These are even checks with similar colours

Check 2: Tartan –Said to date back to 8th century BC to the Celtics…it was only in 1700s when they originated to differentiate one highlander clan from another. After a brief hiatus, it returned in 1782 to become Scotland’s national dress.  Tartan checks usually are uneven checks with subtle colours and apt for a more casual do.

Check 3: Madras More colourful in comparison to the Tartan checks, madras originated in the city of Madras now Chennai in India under the reign of the East India Company in the 17th century.  A perfect fabric for the hot summer months due to its lightness, this plaid is as casual you can get. re the first Madras, vegetable-dyed with bright patterns, was born. Even when it wasn’t dyed, Madras cloth was popular due to its lightness and breathability—and it still is.

Check 4: Windowpane – as the name suggests it does look like large windows. Dark shirts look good with a windowpane pattern. Seen worn by stalwarts like Clark Gable and Duke of Windsor, it has a certain charm and panache to it. Which is why it’s perfect for formal wear and at work.

Check 5: Tattersall –Some say, that the name ‘tattersall’ originated from the Tattersall horse market that ran in London in 1766. At the time, they were sold as patterns on blankets for horses. Later it grew to be patronized by The Beach Boys. Business Men. Fairfield County Bros, making it a popular choice for a casual evening out.

These 5 custom check shirts should be ideally every man’s wardrobe staple… if you have them you’re done for the year!


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