Complete Guide to Tuxedo Shirts

Formal Attire, is really a formal word, which when dug deep actually means tuxedos, tailcoats and black and white tie attires. And while through the years the dress code has evolved or mutated culturally and across generations, it still does surpass the ordinary gentry of suits and ties standing for a much higher dress code, one that is a strict.

Daunting as it is, each kind has a type of event that it is worn for and also varies by the time of the day. For instance, White tie dress codes are for events of a diplomatic nature, or prestigious award ceremonies. Infact the practice of wearing black or grey double-breasted tailcoats, bow ties the works…can still be seen worn in many high end diplomatic dos during the day time. While the evening formal still continues to be a tuxedo. A Black tie ensemble, on the other hand is for a lavish formal wedding or an elegant do, worn mostly during evenings.

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Black tie affairs, more often than not require a perfectly tailored tuxedo, and every fine tuxedo comes with a set of must haves with it.

  • Black Evening Jacket
  • Black Trousers
  • Black Low Waistcoat
  • White Dress Shirt
  • Black Bow Tie
  • Black Oxford Shoes

Then you have something called a Black tie optional, which when broken down further can also get a little creative. Such events call for a fancy dark suit where the bow tie can be swapped for a slim luxurious finish, patterned silk tie with an added bonus of a silk pocket square (that being optional). One can also dabble with an evening jacket, or a fine linen suit if it’s an outdoor event during summers.

Last but not the least, is yet another formal attire, which is less formal by traditional standards but formal nonetheless by modern standards if you’re wearing a suit. This allows you to look beyond the colour of black, and invest in perfectly tailored suits that are navy or grey in colour, with shirts that carry a sheen or a silk shirt with rich hues like pink, maroon, navy, olive. Pair it off with a skinny tie and tie bar and you’re ready to take on a business dinner or have everyone swoon at a fancy formal party occasion.


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