Vitruvien teams up with Turkish designers to bring the best of European fashion to its customers

From jacquards to dobbies, fil coupés to mélange Soktas is at the vanguard of design innovation in fabrics. A fully integrated mill with the ability to produce shirt fabric with yarn counts of up to 2/300s; it would not be a stretch to say that they have earned their right to be among the best in the world. Established in 1971 at Soke, Aydin, they have in a short time redefined quality and fashion in the textile industry and have bettered some well-established Italian behemoths, leaving them far behind in several instances.


With one of the largest team of designers that scour the European markets for inspiration and a vast design repository that would put some national libraries to shame, the people at Soktas breathe fashion. What Zara is to fashion apparel, Soktas is to fashion fabrics. It’s no wonder that some of the world’s leading brands such as Hugo Boss, Massimo Dutti, Armani Su Misura and Salvatore Piccolo lean on its design and fabric expertise.


At Vitruvien, we have a tendency of settling for nothing but the best for our customers. To craft our custom shirts, we hunt for suppliers all over the world for the best quality fabrics, interlinings and tailoring materials. To this end, Soktas was a natural find in our hunt for the best shirt fabric makers. While our interactions with Soktas have been many since our inception, this time we had the unique chance to chronicle our founder, Rajesh Goradia’s visit to their state of the art Turkish headquarters.2

Over a three-day trip to their design studio, our founder brainstormed with their best. He trawled through their design archives, both digital and physical, reviewed their presentations on European fashion trends, combed through their vast collection of shirt fabric designs and exchanged thoughts on custom shirt styles with their chief designers – all to one end.


To create an exclusive collection of tailor made shirts for Vitruvien customers – our very own Turkish Collection.


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