Classic Ways to Wear a Crisp White Shirt

Ethereal, Pure, Credible, Calming, Innocence, Simple, Subtle….

For more than 200 years the White Shirt has dominated the fashion scene…exuding style, class, and even a symbol of luxury affordable to only the rich & the wealthy in the early 19th century.

At a time when washing machines did not exist, and laundry was a chore, white dress shirts clearly belonged to a gentry that did not need to engage in manual labour. And thus, the distinction was created…which became even more pronounced in the 1930s when the concept of ‘white collar worker’ & blue collar worker’ was introduced thereby reinforcing the much-privileged white shirt….

With time, the white shirt became more affordable. The stature it enjoyed never really diminished as it became synonymous with words like sobriety, sober, reliable, dependable including prestige and power.

The proverbial white shirt is now a must-have in every man, woman and child’s wardrobe! Thus, it comes as no surprise that decided to applaud the exalted white shirt!


We will touch upon 3 basic ‘tenets’ of the white shirt

  1. Fabric: While white is a quintessential colour, it is only certain Shirt fabrics that truly brings out its elegance and privileged stature.
  • Twill: which includes standard and herringbone. Soft & heavier lending depth.. .it goes well with both formal and informal occasions.
  • Oxford: Durable and casual… ideal for sporty appearances
  • Pinpoint: Formal and versatile…wear it to work and head for drinks later
  • Linen: Longlasting, breathable, absorbent, and very fashionable
  • Cotton: Egyptian Giza, lends it an air of elegance and can be a perfect formal go-to-attire.
  1. Season: It’s an all-time Classic meant for every season… However, to truly revel in the white’s heavenly glory… wear it best during spring and summers with just the right fabrics to accentuate it.
  1. Dressing Combinations: A Wedding, Boardroom Meeting, A Date or at the Beach, white goes well for all occasions, every colour, every style… you can dress it up or dress it down…


So here are 4 Must Have Combos/Styles ready in your wardrobe

  1. Formal: Nothing beats the classic crisp white shirt tucked into a pair of charcoal trousers, with slim striped tie and black oxford shoes. For an even more formal evening out: Bring out the finest Italian white cotton custom shirt with widespread collar, French cuffs, cuff-links tucked into steel gray or black slim fit pants.
  2. Smart Casuals: Beige Blazer teamed with a mandarin collared white shirt with short sleeves tucked into a pair of cream chinos. For a simple, casual day out: Team a crisp round bottomed-white shirt with rolled up sleeves, tucked out with a pair of navy trousers and brogues.
  3. For a fun day at the Beach: White linen with button down or mandarin collar, short sleeves tucked out over smart navy shorts and sneakers. Or a self embossed white shirt over linen pants to beat the summer blues.
  4. For a Date: Nothing screams rugged & handsome…as the classic jeans and white shirt look. Clean crisp white shirt with rolled up sleeves tucked into faded denims, teamed with an elegant rolex, aviator sunglasses and loafers or chukkas. Taking it to the evening… and dress it up with a tweed coat or sporty blazer.



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