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  • Siena Atomic Tangerine

    - LEE HOSKINS (30th Oct, 2022)
        United States
  • Akola Cream

    Love this one

    - LEE HOSKINS (30th Oct, 2022)
        United States
  • Manchester White

    I love this short, and now want to buy it again!

    - John Fields (2nd May, 2022)
        United States
  • Harley Multi Checks


    - Chris Stainer (24th May, 2020)
        United Kingdom
  • Pueblo Blue Checks


    - Chris Stainer (24th May, 2020)
        United Kingdom
  • Valmiki Blue Chambray

    Again great looking shit fits perfectly.

    - Derek Squelch (4th Jul, 2019)
        United Kingdom
  • Chadron Blue

    Shirts fit perfect. Have been a customer for several years. Tey earn their business through quality work and attention to detail. Great value and great service.

    - Bruce Burns (29th May, 2019)
        United States
  • Akola Beige

    Thanks for your work and your patience.

    - Alexandre Graindorge (5th May, 2019)
        United Kingdom
  • 120s Parker Blue

    Really nice material. I wish I could sort shirts when shopping by weave. I really like the dobby weave of this shirt

    - Thomas Okunewitch (2nd Apr, 2019)
        United States
  • Wicahpi Blue

    Fabulous shirt and so well made. My 6th buy so that tells how good they are.

    - Roy Powell (4th Jan, 2019)
        United Kingdom
  • Laney Blue

    I have just received my third shirt and have ordered one other. The whole experience is excellent, with helpful videos to show how to measure every aspect required. There are many Fabrics to choose, and all Egyptian cotton which gives a superb feel and texture. Very pleased and will be ordering more in the future

    - Laurence Clifton (18th Dec, 2018)
        United Kingdom
  • Orin White

    After I made a mistake with my sizes on the first shirt that came, Vitruvien helped me adjust the sizes. The second shirt was a perfect fit. The material was very high quality. Stitching was of very high standard. The whole process was made so easy by Vitruvien. I would recommend Vitruvien to anyone.The first shirt fitted my son perfectly and he has become a customer too. You are paying for and getting high quality shirts.

    - Anthony Kitcherside (14th Oct, 2018)
        United Kingdom
  • Royal White

    Wonderful workmanship on every order. I am so pleased.

    - Pat Wade (24th Jul, 2018)
        United States
  • Kemer Egyptian Blue

    As always beautifully made and at a great price again very happy.

    - Derek (18th Jul, 2018)
        United Kingdom
  • Corydon Blue Melange

    Excellent shirt. Will definitely use Vitruvien again. Only time will tell how it stands up to wearing and washing.

    - Ray Peppiatt (26th Jun, 2018)
        United Kingdom
  • Ventura Blue

    - Dirk Jacobsz (20th Jun, 2018)
  • Gorham Multi Triangle

    I love this shirt, nothing in my wardrobe compares to the fit and style. Absolutely superb.The fit complements all the exercise,and detail to my diet I expend to maintain a svelte physique. I only hope the beautiful color-fabric holds up through the usual number of dry cleanings. So far very pleased

    - Reynaldo Reyes (7th Jun, 2018)
        United States
  • Paloma White

    Absolutely fantastic shirt. Was a bit apprehensive about made to measure given that I am a bit round in the middle but the shirt fits beautifully. Would highly recommend.

    - Stephen (4th Jun, 2018)
        United States
  • Memphis Stripes

    Always priced competitively always fit well and always beautifully made and I love the way they are packed.

    - Derek Squelch (29th May, 2018)
        United Kingdom
  • Pensacola Blue Checks

    Again beautifully made. Fits well and again very pleased.

    - Derek Squelch (29th May, 2018)
        United Kingdom
  • Waverly Blue

    - Victor Gaffin (10th May, 2018)
        United Kingdom
  • Centennial Blue Checks

    Yet another beautifully made shirt, keep up the high standard 5*****

    - Derek (29th Apr, 2018)
        United Kingdom
  • Pella Oxford Chambray Blue

    Great job

    - Bruce Burns (28th Apr, 2018)
        United States
  • Candice Souffle Yellow

    Excellent all round.

    - Anthony (7th Apr, 2018)
        United Kingdom
  • Koblenz Green Stripes

    Top notch from the moment ordered until receiving. This is a class act company.

    - Pat Wade (28th Mar, 2018)
        United States
  • Feldon Blue Brown Stripes

    Excellent service with very good communication to ensure the measurements given were correct. The delivery time was quicker than anticipated with good information as to the progress of the shipment. The fit of the shirt was really very good since this is the first order and I will be ordering further shirts. Thank you,

    - Andrew Moore (17th Mar, 2018)
        United Kingdom
  • Moncton Grindle Blush

    Again beautifully made to a very high standard i shall certainly be buying more shirts.

    - Derek Squelch (16th Mar, 2018)
        United Kingdom
  • Windsor Checks

    Beautifully made fit. A treat and well made like every other shirt I have bought.

    - Derek Squelch (16th Mar, 2018)
        United Kingdom
  • Candice Green Envy

    - Kieran Fitzgerald (14th Mar, 2018)
  • Barric Blue

    Everything was perfect.The fit I was concerned about, but it was perfect.I will certainly order shirts from you again. I am very Satisfied...Awesome!!!

    - Curtis McEntyre (13th Mar, 2018)
        United States
  • Hoora Pink Checks

    Never disappointed another well made shirt,that fits beautifully.

    - Derek Squelch (12th Mar, 2018)
        United Kingdom
  • Melilla Black Stripes

    Great advice and suggestions given about measurements and fit resulting in an excellent fitting shirt. Great service.

    - Sherrill Carta (17th Feb, 2018)
  • Bianca White

    Shirt was brilliant, shipping very fast

    - Stephen Doran (16th Feb, 2018)
        United Kingdom
  • Akola Crimson

    Changed the design on this latest shirt due to weight loss. It fits perfectly ! Never had a problem with any of my orders - beautifully made shirts! Good job! Roger

    - Roger Chadwick (9th Feb, 2018)
        United Kingdom
  • 120s Albini Harmony White

    - Ken Aarbo (8th Feb, 2018)
  • Bruges Persian Blue

    You guys are a lifesaver. All my life I had trouble finding good quality shirts to fit. Thank you. I have now sent through a new order for 2 more. Merry Christmas.

    - Mark Woods (8th Nov, 2017)
  • Kamas Yellow Stripes

    The shirt is exquisitely made, and the material is of the highest quality. Very fast service.You have a very pleased customer. Roger Wise.

    - Roger Wise (2nd Nov, 2017)
        United Kingdom
  • 120s Regalia Achromic White

    More comfort then was anticipated... sadly, the fabric is no longer available

    - Michael (9th Oct, 2017)
        United States
  • Comox Brown Melange Plaid

    Very nice fabric and tailoring but little bit short.

    - Miqdad (4th Oct, 2017)
        United Kingdom
  • Glisten Brown

    - Jefferson (4th Oct, 2017)
        United Kingdom
  • Matt White

    Perfect in every way. The only thing extra would be some funky patterns for the elbow pads, I can send you some fabric?

    - Glen Cook (27th Sep, 2017)
        United Kingdom
  • Taxco Yellow

    After a couple of tries, it looks like the fit is finally right. This shirt fits perfectly.

    - Steven Simone-Friedland (21st Sep, 2017)
        United States
  • Marti Stripes

    Excellent all around. After ordering one shirt and seeing the quality I ordered two more. The fit is perfect and the fabric is very high quality.

    - Phillip Robinson (14th Sep, 2017)
        United States
  • Bochum White Checks

    My husband is absolutely delighted with his shirt, I work in the sewing industry and was very impressed with the workmanship of the garment and the quality of the fabric. First class service from ordering to delivery. Will definately be ordering again and have no hesitation in recommending your company to family and friends.

    - Dorothy Duthie (12th Sep, 2017)
        United Kingdom
  • Holyrood Stripes

    Excellent, well made, and a perfect fit. This was my first order and made a second the next day.

    - Phillip Robinson (27th Aug, 2017)
        United States
  • Moscow Checks

    Great timely service! I placed the order around 5 PM. 8AM the very next morning I received a phone call from Vitruvien stating that my order was ready to be shipped. I will continue to order all my button-downs sports shirts from Vitruvien in the future.

    - Marshall McCormick (26th Aug, 2017)
        United States
  • Bruges Persian Blue

    Brilliant !!

    - ANDREW GILLIES (21st Aug, 2017)
        United Kingdom
  • Ningbo White

    - Otto Pretorius (16th Aug, 2017)
        South Africa
  • Justin Peach

    I have ordered several shirts from Vitruvien and all the shirts have been fantastic quality. The comfort and cut of the shirts are amazing. The ordering and customer service offered by Vitruvien is second to none and the shirts are always delivered by the nominated date. I look forward to my next order and I would not hesitate to recommend this Company and its products to anyone looking for a top quality product.

    - John Forde (15th Aug, 2017)
  • 120s Labin Maroon Stripes

    Beautiful material and well cut, fits perfectly Many thanks

    - Robert Murdoch (21st Jul, 2017)
        United Kingdom