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What Makes A Great Fabric?

Yarn Count: Yarn Count is an indicator of the fineness of the yarn. The count of a cotton yarn refers to the number of hanks (1 hank = 840 yards of yarn) that weigh one pound. The higher the count, the lighter and finer the yarn. Thus, a 140s fabric has a finer feel vis-à-vis a 120s fabric.

Our shirts run a wide range of yarn counts. We prefer 120s and 140s for our luxury shirts for the smooth finish and lighter weight. We go lower for our everyday formal and casual shirts.

Staple Length: Staple Length measures the length of raw cotton fibers used to make the fabric. Basis this measure, the cotton is categorized into short, medium, long and extra-long. The longer the staple, the better, smoother and more comfortable the fabric becomes.

A majority of our fabrics use Egyptian Giza - an extra long staple cotton so rare that it accounts for less than 10% of the world cotton production and hence is far superior. Although expensive, you can truly feel the quality in its silky and more durable finish.

1 Ply vs 2 Ply: Ply indicates the number of yarns twisted together to make one thread, which is then woven into the fabric. Thus, a 2-ply yarn is where two yarns are spun together to produce one thread.

We offer a mix of 1 Ply and 2 Ply for our shirts range.

Warp & Weft: A fabric is woven using two sets of threads – the warp and the weft. The warp yarns run vertically, while the weft yarns run horizontally across the fabric.

The Composition

100% Egyptian Giza: Egyptian Giza Cotton refers to the extra-long staple cotton produced primarily along the Nile Valley in Egypt. It is widely renowned among fabric connoisseurs as the best quality cotton in the world. Hand picked to ensure the sanctity of the long fibers, Egyptian Giza produces fabrics with utmost softness, silkiness and strength. More than 80% of our collection consists of Egyptian Giza Cotton fabrics.

100% Cotton: Our fabrics labeled "100% cotton" are carefully curated to ensure that only the finest medium to long staple cotton are offered to our discerning customers.

2/120s Egyptian Giza: Reserved for our luxury collection. To produce this fabric, Egyptian Giza Cotton fibers are woven into superfine 120 count yarns. The prefix '2' indicates that two 120-count yarns are spun together to create a strong 2-ply yarn. Giza cotton is well known for its superb strength, breathability, moisture absorption, colour fastness and luster.

2/140s Egyptian Giza: Reserved for our luxury collection. To produce this fabric, Egyptian Giza Cotton fibers are woven into superfine 140 count yarns. The prefix '2' indicates that two 140-count yarns are spun together to create a strong 2-ply yarn. Giza cotton is well known for its superb strength, breathability, moisture absorption, colour fastness and luster.

100% Linen & Linen Blends: Linen, the fabric of the Pharaohs of Egypt has for centuries provided unparalleled comfort to the fashion conscious elite. Widely considered by modern designers as the most versatile designer fabric, linen also offers unmatched breathability to the wearer with a moisture absorption capacity that is far superior to that of cotton. However, there is one caveat. Linen can be tricky to iron. So steer away from it if you value easy ironing over fashion. Linen blends refer to linen blended with cotton, silk or other versatile fabrics to give your linen shirt a unique character.

The Weave

Poplin: Poplin or Broadcloth is essentially a plain weave with threads alternately crossing over and then under each other. One of the more commonly seen weaves today; this creates a very durable and smooth fabric. Top marks for its versatility as depending on its pattern, a Poplin shirt can be worn to work, an evening out or simply on a casual Sunday.

Twill: Twill Weave creates diagonal lines in the fabric, lending more volume to it. With a softer hand feel and a bit more sheen than Poplin, Twill fabrics are generally more wrinkle resistant and drape easily.

A popular variant of the Twill is the "Herringbone" Weave where the diagonal texture reverses at intervals.

Satin: Not to be confused with Satin fabric, a satin weave is a more fashion forward texture that lends shine and softness to the fabric. It is produced by moving each warp yarn over four weft yarns, thus exposing more of the warp yarn on the surface. As a result of its weave structure, satin weaves are inherently less durable than the other weaves. We recommend reserving Satin fabrics for dressy occasions.

Dobby: Dobby Weave contains a combination of weaving techniques (for example, a poplin weave may be interlaced with satin stripes) thereby creating interesting patterns on the fabric. Dobby shirts are ideal for business and dressy affairs and rarely used for casual occasions.

A Satin Dobby fabric is one that contains a satin weave among others. Due to its less durability but smoother finish, we have labeled it differently to mark it as an option well suited for special events.

Oxford: Quintessentially casual, the Oxford Weave is a basket weave where two warp threads crossed over a heavier weft thread. Oxford fabrics tend to be thicker, rugged and more durable than their poplin counterpart.

The Pinpoint Oxford is a formal version of the Casual Oxford with finer yarns and a smaller texture. Another variant is the Oxford Chambray where the weft yarn is white and the warp yarn may be dyed in any color.

Australian River Shell Buttons & Mother of Pearl Buttons

Shell buttons have driven men around the world to sartorial ecstasy. Made naturally by harvesting the shells across river banks in Australia, Australian River Shell Buttons are not only rich in appearance but famed for their resilience. Natural Mother of Pearl, also known as “nacre” is harvested from the shells of pearl oysters and is a durable, brilliantly iridescent material.

The unique craftsmanship involved in making shell buttons ensures that no two buttons are ever similar. Our smooth and elegant buttons, with their distinctive feel and texture, represent the finest quality.