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Product & Customization
Why customize?

Please refer to why custom

Why should we buy from you and not a regular offline retail store?

Whenever you buy from a retail outlet, you are always buying 'off the rack' which means 'shirts designed to fit standard sizes'. Here at Vitruvien, we understand that everyone has a unique size and work towards giving you your perfect fit, second to none. Everything is custom tailored to suit your requirements. We also give you the opportunity of creating your very own unique shirt using a wide range of fabrics and styling options, so that you get the ideal look regardless of your body type. In case you are one of the fortunate few for whom standard sizes fit perfectly, you can work with our standard sizes and still customize the shirt style to your liking.

What fabrics do you use for making the shirts?

All the fabrics we offer are 100% natural. Our house cotton & linen is sourced from reputed international mills. We only use high-grade long staple cotton with more than 85% of our cotton collection comprising of Egyptian Giza cotton, widely considered amongst fabric connoisseurs as the finest cotton in the world. With regards to linen, we craft our shirts out of fabric made from Belgian flax – considered the best in the world. This ensures that every Vitruvien shirt will drape well and wear perfectly over time for it's first class quality inside and out.

How often are new fabrics available?

Typically we add new fabrics to our site every couple of weeks, sometimes every week. We carry fabrics until they sell out, which can be anywhere from two weeks to four months. We notify you of new fabric launches via an email newsletter, so be sure to sign up with us.

What are the terminologies used to describe the fabric?

Please refer to Fabric Terminology.

Are your shirts wrinkle free or not?

No, they are not. Any natural fabric will always wrinkle. Only synthetic fabrics do not wrinkle. We sell only 100% cotton and linen. Both these fabrics in their natural form are not wrinkle free. Also, there is no correlation between the quality and wrinkle resistance. In fact, if any an inverse relation is true - the finer the count of the fabric, the more it wrinkles and not less (unless some wrinkle free treatment is applied to it). We do not have any wrinkle free treated fabrics and so our shirts are likely to wrinkle just like natural cotton or linen should wrinkle.

Placing An Order

Do I need to create an account to order a shirt?

Yes, you will need to create an account to order a shirt. We insist on you becoming a member for ease of access to your order status and history, updating your saved sizes, quick re-ordering or processing a return if the need be. When you checkout with your shopping, there will be an opportunity to create an account which will record your latest order and sizes. We assure you that the account details saved with us will be secure.

Can I order more than one shirt in the same order?

After adding one item to your shopping cart, you can simply choose the option "Continue shopping" to be able to continue shopping. When you are done, just click on the checkout button to proceed with payment.

How do I change details in an already placed order? I forgot to add a customization to my order. Is this possible?

As long as the shirts ordered have not gone in production, you have the chance to alter details/measurements by mailing us at We put our shirts into production very quickly, hence it best advisable to mail any changes within a few hours of placing the order, else we may not be able to incorporate them. You can check the status of your order by logging in to your account.

Shirt I wanted is sold out. Will it be available again?

Once a fabric is sold out, we usually do not re-release the item, but instead purchase new fabrics for new collections to bring you the latest trends from the industry.

How do I cancel my order?

We make every effort to process the orders as fast as possible. As long as your order is not in production, you can change or cancel your order. Please note for cancelled orders, we can issue store credits, but we will be unable to refund the money. Our payment gateways take away a good slice of our revenue as transaction charge, thus refunds are very costly for us. Hence we request you to please be sure before you place an order. Please email us at for your order amendment or cancellation request.

I placed an order for multiple shirts, but only one has been shipped to me. What about the balance shirts?

If you are a first time customer, we will always split your order with us. Hence if you have ordered more than one shirt, we will first ship one shirt, await your feedback and then ship the balance order. We will ask you for confirmation on your registered email address. In case we do not receive a reply, we will assume confirmation and split your order. This is done in your best interest. It reduces your risk with the order.


What measurement options do I have?

We give you 3 measurement options to process your shirt order.

1. You can select a shirt based on standard sizes using our size chart provided on the standard size selection page

2. You can provide us your Body Measurements. Based on these body measurements and your fit preference, our tailors will add movement room to determine the final shirt dimensions. 

Providing your Body Measurements for a custom fitted shirt has never been this easy and accurate. With our proprietary Body Measurement Wizard, we simply ask you for three self-measurements – Chest, Stomach & Hip and a few questions. Through this information, we impute the balance body measurements and prepare your custom shirt. 

3. You can provide us with your shirt measurements by following our easy video guide.

Can I order shirts for a family member using my account?

Yes. You may create as many measurement profiles as you want in your account. Be sure to name your profiles accurately to avoid confusion while ordering. Additionally, please note that our fit guarantee applies only for the first shirt purchased through the account, regardless of the person it is purchased for. Hence, in our opinion, it is wiser to create different accounts for family members

Will my measurements be saved for future orders?

Yes. On the measurement page you can save your measurements using a unique profile name. For subsequent purchases, you can use this profile to get the same fit.

Will my new shirt shrink, and if so, how much?

We purchase expensive fabrics from reputed International mills. These fabrics are Sanfordised to ensure that they do not shrink. Nevertheless, since we are dealing with natural fabrics – Cotton & Linen, we do build in some margin for shrinkage while crafting your shirt. But you need not worry about this at all while providing measurements. 

Where to add measurements?

1. Add a shirt that you like to cart. Once you do so, the cart will slide down from the top.

2.  In the cart, you will notice an "Add Measurement" button. Click on it. 

3.  In the popup you will be asked to sign in or register with us. Please do that.

4. You will now be presented with the measurement options. Select any one and proceed with that.

5.   Once you select a measurement, it will appear in the box titled “Selected Measurement”. Click on the “Confirm” button and the measurement will get added to your shirt.

6.   Repeat this for each shirt that you have added to cart.

Shipping And Delivery

What are the shipping costs?

You can find our shipping charges for each serviceable country here

How long will it take for my shirt to arrive?

Since our shirts are put into production only after your order is received, our delivery time frames are slightly longer than off the rack products. We update our delivery estimate on a daily basis on the product pages of each shirt. Of course this will change depending on which country you are shopping from. Click here to find out when the shirts ordered today will be delivered at your doorstep. 

After placing an order you can also track the progress of your order in "My Account" under "Order History".

(Please Note: Fabrics in Thomas Mason and Albini Collection will be delivered 4 days later than the usual delivery date)

Will I have to pay any additional Taxes?

Most countries have a threshold for taxation. Since the value of your order is not very high, often your country’s Customs department may apply no taxes. But international laws are complex, hence we cannot guarantee that no taxes / duties will be applied to your order. In any case if any taxes / duties are applied on your shipment, kindly contact us with a scanned copy of payment proof within 7 days of receiving your order and we will credit your Vitruvien account with store credits worth 10% of your order value or the amount of tax, whichever is lower. 

I would like to send my order as a gift - how do I enter name and address of the recipient?

If you want the shirt to be delivered to an address other than yours, you may do so at the checkout page under the delivery tab. Here you will be able to fill in the name and address details of the person you wish to send the gift to.

How can I track my order?

Once your order has been placed, you can log into your account on and track your order status.

The delivery status will indicate following responses:

Awaiting Approval:We review your customized measurements and contact you if necessary. Otherwise your order will be processed as soon as possible.
Best Fit Shirt Awaited:We are awaiting your sample shirt to replicate the measurements for your order.
In Production:Your order is in production.
QC/Awaiting Dispatch:Your order is either with our quality control department or is packed and ready for dispatch.
Dispatched:Your order has been dispatched and will reach you shortly.
Delivered:Your order has been delivered.
Cancelled:We have received a cancellation request from you and the same has been accepted.
Can I change the shipping address?

Yes. You can change all personal information yourself by logging in to "My Account". If your order is in process and you wish to change the shipping address, you can intimate us on within 2 working days of placing the order.

Our courier partners levy a heavy charge for address change while in transit. Hence if your order has shipped, there may be a charge associated with changing your shipping address at the last moment.


What payment options do you offer?

We accept all major Debit & Credit cards.

Do you provide Cash on Delivery Option?

Since our products are custom-made and hence not re-saleable, we are unable to provide this payment option. All shirts have to be paid for online prior to the order being placed.

What is the Fit Guarantee?

We understand that first time shoppers on our site may take some time getting used to our measurement options, hence as per our Fit Guarantee policy, we alter the first shirt of the customer free of charge regardless of whose error it was. It’s a sort of insurance against your own mistake. We also provide assistance to customers to create their measurement profile on our site so that the next time around the fit is perfect.

For international customers, if the shirt requires minor changes to fit, we offer adjustment at a local tailor of your choice. We will reimburse you in the form of store credits up to a maximum of USD 20 (or equivalent in your currency), on the production of a valid tailoring receipt.

What is the process for sending a shirt for alterations under the fit guarantee?

If your first shirt purchase from us doesn't fit, please drop us an email within 7 days of the shirt being delivered to you. As soon as we get your request, we will get in touch with you for more information and work with you to deliver your desired fit. We will request you to ship the original shirt unused and in its original packaging to us at a country specific return address that we will provide once you contact us with a fit related complaint.

How many remakes can I get?

Our fit guarantee is applicable only on your first shirt. Since all Vitruvien shirts are custom-made and returns go to charity, we cannot afford an unlimited exchange policy. Of course, if the mistake in subsequent shirts is due to our negligence, we will surely replace the shirt for you, but we insure you against your own mistake only the first time around. Hence for repeat orders we request you select the correct measurement profile while ordering. 

Do you guarantee the fit for subsequent orders?

For subsequent shirts, if you order using the same profile (without making any edits to it), you will receive the same fit.  In the unlikely event where the measurements of subsequent shirts orders are not as per the measurement profile and vary outside of tolerable limits, we will alter or replace the shirt for you at our expense.

At Vitruvien, we take our product quality and workmanship very seriously. We do our utmost to ensure you shop with ease and look your best always. Therefore, if there are any manufacturing defects or style omissions, we will replace your shirt at our expense or issue you a store credit for the order value and cost of return shipping. The return shipping expense will be borne by us upto a maximum of USD 3 (or equivalent in your currency as determined by per shirt on the receipt of the shirt or on the production of a valid courier receipt. 

You can request an alteration or a return in the following situations:

1.         There is a fit issue with your first shirt purchase under the fit guarantee promise. For the first shirt, only one round of alteration is complimentary.

2.         There is an error on our part in terms of order execution or shipment.

3.         The measurement of your shirt is not within the tolerable limits of the measurements in your profile.

If for any reason your custom made shirt was not tailored accurately and satisfies the above criteria, please contact us within 7 days of receiving your shirt at Once we receive your request, we will ask you to return the shirt to us at our office address. Please bear in mind that we should receive the returned shirt, unworn, undamaged and in it's original packaging with all the tags intact within 7 days of us sending the authorizing email. We will not be liable for any damages caused to the shirt during transit.

Please refer to our Fit Guarantee for more information