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Get French Cuffed!

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Design your own shirt from over 200 fabrics!
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Buy custom shirts online from the comfort of your home!

About custom sizing

At Vitruvien, we take the tailor out of equation and make custom sizing as simple as off-the-rack purchases. Explore our proprietary Body Measurement Wizard. From just three easy self-measurements (Chest, Stomach & Hip), and a few quick questions, we guess the rest of your measurements and ship your first custom shirt. And remember, if your first shirt does not fit you… we have our Fit Guarantee – a scheme that (for the first shirt) insures you against any measurement mistakes that you may make!

About the cuff

French cuffs (also known as double cuffs) are fold back cuffs worn with cufflinks. Popular among bankers and lawyers, classic French cuff shirts are designed with solid fabrics and are best suited to formal occasions – to work or to a wedding. At Vitruvien we dare you to go unconventional with styles that are impossible to find off the rack such as double cuffs in a myriad range of stripe & small check patterns.

About Vitruvien

Inspired by Da Vinci’s rendition of the perfect man, Vitruvien’s ambition is to blend art and science, fit and fashion to craft the perfect bespoke shirt for its customers. Hand cut from the finest Egyptian cotton fabrics, Vitruvien’s custom shirts are tailored to perfection using state of the art technology. Design your own tailor made shirt with innumerable styles to choose from. Personalize your shirt with a monogram and make it truly one in a million