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We are very grateful to these incredible publications who choose to write about Vitruvien. To see our own brand in the headlines today is incredibly humbling. Below are some highlights.

If you're in the press and would like to get more information for an article, please contact us here and we will get back to you shortly.

  • "One size fits all, baggy isn’t the need of the hour anymore – a custom shirt is. It’s a style that never goes out of fashion and leaves you charged with new found confidence, panache and prominence."(Read More)

  • "Custom-made menswear websites offered more options and the prices were decent. Vitruvien uses interactive 3D animation, which they call ‘3D shirt designer technology’, to let customers control all aspects of a shirt — collars, cuffs, buttons and cuts."(Read More)

  • "Men's bespoke clothing ecommerce firm Vitruvien aims to triple revenue through offline stores, according to its cofounder, Rajesh Goradia. "Vitruvien's turnover in 2014 was Rs1.5 crore. We are expecting to increase our revenue three times with our offline expansion,"(Read More)

  • "Difficult to buy shirts in a store? offers an extensive variety of fabrics, cuts, colours and prints for your customized shirts."(Read More)

  • "Simply because it's interesting to see how the small take on the mighty, we look at a venture that operates in the space of bespoke menswear, a segment replete with well-known names. Rajesh Goradia was involved in his family textile business when he hit upon the idea of Vitruvien..." (Read More)

  • "The website provides some handy tips to measure your size, but if you are too busy to do that, you can send a sample shirt or choose from the standard sizes. The feel is something you won’t get anywhere..." (Read More)

  • "Men's fashion and clothing is far evolved compared to grooming or personal care, where brands have only just entered the market. Customised or bespoke clothing has a big market in India, however, easy availability of brands and proliferation of modern retail..." (Read More)

  • "Bringing international standards of quality custom shirts to Indian consumers at affordable price points, no two Vitruvien shirts are alike – as each is imprinted with the customer's personalised style statement. With the help of revolutionary 3D technology, our customers can..." (Read More)

  • "Founded by Rajesh Goradia and Esha Jaggi, Vitruvien, is a place where users can get custom-made, tailored shirts for men. The company claims that every part of the shirt can be customised right to the buttons being used on the shirt..." (Read More)

  • "Indian clothes retailers are being forced to raise their game with the entry of international names. Vitruvien, a retailer which sells men's clothing online, is trying to differentiate itself by offering a virtual tailoring service, where customers have the ability to customise..." (Read More)

  • "Founded by Rajesh Goradia, Puneeta G and Esha Jaggi, has evolved into the ultimate fashion destination for the Indian man. They have taken custom menswear, in India, to a whole new level with their perfect blending of fabulous fit and design...." (Read More)

  • "Vitruvien was launched in November 2013 with the idea that you don't fit into a shirt, the shirt needs to fit you! For years now, men have been struggling to fit themselves into standard sizes of readymade shirt-makers and are restricted by the limited choices available..." (Read More)

  • "When it comes to men's apparel, who can miss that classic white shirt? Nothing looks better than a well-fitted, white shirt that can instantly draw attention. There are many brands that offer shirts in this pristine hue. I too have a collection of whites, but there is always something a miss..." (Read More)

  • "Vitruvien, a custom tailored apparel label for men, plans to foray into the international market. With an estimated growth rate of 20 per cent per year, the fashion segment is projected to reach a market size of $2.9 billion by 2016..." (Read More)

  • "There is a plethora of websites which can be used to customize t-shirts online. They allow you to play around with the colour, text and even allow you to add images. But this is something new. Vitruvien, a men's clothing brand, offers a service of designing and delivering quality custom-made..." (Read More)

  • "Have you ever thought how forceful the combination of a graduate from Indian School of Business, with a PGP degree in Marketing & Strategy (not to mention the exhaustive experience in bespoke manufacturing and knowledge of catering to the aristocracy and business class..." (Read More)

  • "Looking for something classy and customized to gift your boyfriend / hubby this Valentine's Day without burning a giant hole in your pocket? Along comes, a men's apparel label that exclusively retails made-to-measure shirts for men, with fabrics sourced...." (Read More)

  • "The Perfect Man. Seems almost mythical, doesn't it? Like the Loch-Ness Monster or Big Foot. For decades, women the world over have been in the search of their 'Perfect Man', and till they succeed in that quest, the founders at have decided that a Perfectly Well-Dressed Man..." (Read More)

  • "So you love shopping clothes online, but are never sure about the fabric. Or maybe you want a specific colour to go with a particular design. But do you have a choice regarding these things online? Yes, you do have."
    (Read More)

  • "India’s Leading Shirt Makers on Selecting Fabrics, Collars and the Perfect Fit - The finer the yarn used to make a fabric, the better the end result. Finer yarns have minimum irregularities, thus resulting in silky and smooth fabrics. At Vitruvien, we use Egyptian Giza Cotton, which has one of the best uniformity indexes in the industry."
    (Read More)